Product Roadmap

Move away from spreadsheets and clunky trackers. Draw your vision, get your team on the same page with a beautiful roadmap.

Sprint Board

Customizable sprint boards to easily plan and track all items. With sprint insights, teams can measure & incrementally improve performance.

Test Cases

No more tool hopping. Our built-in test case management allows you to track test results, triage bugs and ship quality software on time.

Release Management

Keep track of what's shipping at every point. Generate release notes with just one click.

What makes us unique?

Intuitive UI

Freshrelease's modern and simple UI requires no training and is highly customizable.

All in one pack

Save your time and money by not juggling between multiple tools. Everything you need to plan, track, test and release quality software is in one place.

Easy to setup

With workflow editor easily create scalable workflows that fit the working style of your team.

GitHub Integration

Keep track of what’s changed in the code for every feature or bug. Automate status updates by listening to events in your code base.


Be on top of your KPI’s with velocity charts and sprint insights that will enable you to predict the amount of work that can get done in future sprints.