Plan better with Roadmap

Add epics to your roadmap & prioritize them.

Ship iteratively in Sprints

Monitor progress on a Kanban board to stay up-to-date about who’s doing what and why.

Build quality software

Easily triage test results and ship quality software on time.

Release with confidence

Track what's shipping in every version of your software from a single place

Build your own workflow

Streamline your development process to ship faster with our powerful workflow builder. Set up a custom workflow based on your team's working style.

Automate status updates

Integration with source control tools allows Freshrelease to automate status updates based on events in your code. No more manual status updates.

Custom Fields & Forms

Capture a wide range of information for every item. Tailor-make forms to suit your business needs.

Advanced Analytics

Sprint insights, velocity charts, and custom reports provide quantitative insights about your team's performance and measurable goals to the team.

One click release notes

Create release notes with just a click and drive constant engagement with customers.

Integration with Freshworks ecosystem

Stop working in silos. With freshrelease, your IT, dev & support teams can stay connected and collaborate better to resolve incidents faster.

What makes us unique?

Intuitive UI

Freshrelease's modern and simple UI requires minimal to no training and is customizable to its core. 

All in one pack

Save your time and money by not juggling between multiple tools. Everything you need to plan, build, test and release quality software is in one place.

Easy to setup

With workflow editor, create scalable workflows that fit the working style of your team with ease.

GitHub Integration

Keep track of what’s changed in the code for every feature or bug. Automate status updates by listening to events in your code base.


Be on top of your KPI’s with velocity charts and sprint insights that will enable you to predict the amount of work that can get done in future sprints.