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Freshteam - The simple and smart recruiting software!

How are Freshteam and Recruiterbox different? Here’s how.

Pricing starts at $0/mo $199/mo
Job posting management
Advanced career site configuration
Detect duplicate applicants
Inbuilt job descriptions
Source socially
Source through a Facebook page tab
Manage internal job postings
Talent pool
Auto archive candidates who have reached a certain interview stage
Customizable hiring process
Schedule Interviews & Collect Feedback
Pre-employment assessment integrations
Offer management

Why choose Freshteam over Recruiterbox

Smooth and friendly UI

Freshteam has a simple and easy-to-use UI. Once you’ve done a bit of clicking here and there, you’ll be able to easily figure what’s where. Within minutes, you can post jobs, assemble hiring teams, create hiring workflows and invite your team over to collaborate. Together you can review applicants, rate candidates and leave comments for each other.

Kanban view of candidates in the Freshteam hiring process

Grow a thriving talent pool

If an exceptional applicant isn’t the right fit for your current role, you do not want to simply bury him in a spreadsheet. That’s why Freshteam allows you to tag them, archive them and invite them again at the right time. Talent pools also allow you to send your passive candidates content from time to time and consequently enhance your candidate engagement.

Our talent pool helps you stay proactive and efficient. It’s a database of pre-screened, pre-assessed, interview-worthy candidates that you can reach out to as soon as you have an opening.

Archiving candidates to talent pool

Offer management

Your applicant tracking system is incomplete without offer management options because then you have to manually handle all the offers you release and you won’t be able to track it in your ATS. With Freshteam, you can make and manage offers right from within your recruitment software. You can create pre-defined offer letter templates, generate offer letters, and go as far as keeping track of the decisions your candidates make in response to the offer. It also generates a report showing you why candidates decline your offers, so, you can work on fixing your process.

Can’t find the job board integration you’re currently using on our list?

No problem! While we work on getting the integration up and running for you, we have a great substitute: the Listener. Freshteam’s Listener “listens” to email channels and automagically adds any candidates it finds to the applicant tracking system.

Pay happily

Freshteam offers a free-forever version to companies with less than 50 users. Otherwise, our plans start at $50 a month. We have a simple and transparent pricing, no tricks there!

Easy data migration from

Worried about moving data from Recruiterbox to Freshteam? We’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to migrate your data from your ATS so all of your recruiting data is in one place. This is free no matter where you are, how big you are or what your favorite color is.

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Easy data Migration

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