Times have changed and so must your support.

Are you looking for measures to  increase the capabilities of your customer support team in the current pandemic?  Do you often look up measures to enable your remote customer support agents to excel in the current situation? Are you often worried about reducing the burden of your  support agents? 

Fret not, we're here to help. 

Watch this exclusive webcast on How AI can enable support teams in the new normal to know about:

  • How to supercharge support with AI 

  • Understanding customer support in the new normal

  • How to enable your remote support team to deliver moments of wow

  • Best practices for superlative customer support

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Featured Speakers

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Nicholas Babin

Key Opinion Leader, Consultant & Speaker on AI

Mr Nicholas Babin is the President at Babin Consulting and is also a Key Opinion Leader and Speaker for many brands and digital topics like AI, 5G, leadership and gamification. He is also the Co-founder of MirambeauAppCare, the publisher of Diabilive App, an award-winning diabetes management app.  

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Varun K R

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Varun K R is a Product Marketing Manager at Freshdesk, where he's helping businesses use Freddy AI to automate their CX. Prior to this, he was leading Marketing at AnsweriQ (acquired by Freshworks), a Seattle and Bangalore-based startup with a suite of customer and agent-facing AI products

How AI can Empower

Support Teams in the New Normal

Your support needs to evolve with the changing times.  Right now, you’re probably worried and full of questions – 

Fret not. We’re here to help!  

Watch our webcast on How AI can empower customer support agents in the new normal where industry leaders talk about how an intelligent sidekick by your side can help you ace customer support and make it easier for your agents to work remotely. 

Here’s what you can learn from this video:

Prepare your business for what’s next!

Happy Watching :)