kevin s kevin s
Kevin Sugianto

Head of Commercial | Kerry Express

pavithra msd pavithra msd
Pavithra Krishnaswamy

Partnerships & Product Marketing |

chen c chen c

Chen Chow

Co-founder | Fave

  “At a time when most stores  have been closed to traditional  shoppers, omnichannel services  are burgeoning, prompting a  mindset shift: websites don’t  exist merely to supplement  stores; stores, instead, support  online sales.” 

- Vogues Business Buying Index

With the onset of COVID-19, retail stores are up for a  major digital revamp to  make sales and support  experiences reliable and  safe. In fact, retailers in 34 countries that  conformed to contactless shopping  experiences saw a 27% increase in  digital revenue in Q1 2020, compared  to 13% for retailers not offering these  services. (Salesforce Q1 2020  Shopping Index). 

Join us at the Rethink Retail Roundtable with various experts that uncovers how to make the best use of these digital channels and move business from offline to online if haven't done so already.

You get to learn about:

We will also have an interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar to answer all your queries.

NOTE: We do not offer any e-certificates for attending this webinar.