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Venu Mohan

Senior Partner Sales Engineer 

Freshworks Inc.

Everyone’s looking for a big success formula that can help kickstart their business during and after the pandemic. One key aspect of making a hit business is a kickass sales team. 

However, chances are your sales teams might be losing the much-needed steam while many of us are communicating remotely and trying to work from home.

We’ve received a lot of questions from different people across the world asking us to help them out during this global pandemic. At Freshworks, our goal is to provide some practical and personal advice to sales teams who have strayed away from their regular hustle. Sales being the heartbeat of any business, we feel that this webinar on Hitting Refresh on Your Sales Approach in the New Normal will help you in many ways and guide you on managing and navigating this situation better.

 We will be sharing industry tips and tricks on how you as a business can use metrics to measure sales efforts and adapt new strategies. If you’re interested in knowing how to step up your sales game and engage with your customers, here are the details:

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We will also have an interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar to answer all your queries.

NOTE: We do not offer any e-certificates for attending this webinar.