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Together with 10+ leading industry leaders and technology visionaries, we will #UnboxIT together at ITSM Masterclass - A world-class symposium where we will explore the possibilities with IT and how digital transformation is reshaping businesses globally. 


 The Freshworks ITSM Masterclass series is designed to cater to the needs of current and aspiring IT   professionals who will go on to humanize the IT service experience of the future. Each session is carefully crafted to ensure everyone has something to learn about transformational success and experiences 
from great companies.   


As the role of IT becomes increasingly popular and prominent around the world, you can make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve by just joining our Masterclass. We believe it is an excellent platform to understand IT better, with stories about the evolution of user behavior, the significance of designing IT services that interact with humans, and the benefits of adapting to an experience first economy.

Take a look at the amazing topics we’ll talk about in the below section...

Masterclass Episodes

Enterprise Service Management

With Prasad Ramakrishnan

Enterprise service management (ESM) is an approach to providing customers with value in the form of services through the adoption of service management practices. Some common examples where ESM is applied include, HR, finance, legal, facilities management, and customer service functions.

High Velocity IT

With Mark Smalley

High Velocity IT helps with an understanding of the ways in which digital organizations and digital operating models function in high-velocity environments, focusing on the rapid delivery of products & services to obtain maximum value. This masterclass session will provide an understanding of working practices such as Agile and Lean, and technical practices and technologies such as Cloud, and Automation.

Knowledge Management

With April Allen

Knowledge management is the process of identifying, gathering, storing, evaluating and sharing all of the valuable information organizations create in their day-to-day operations. It involves capturing answers to frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions and documenting them in an easy to understand format, like step by step written articles, videos or images.

Resilience At Work

With Karen Ferris

'Resilience at work' can be broadly defined as an individual or a group of individuals' ability to stay resilient in modern workplaces characterized by staff cutbacks, deadlines, rivalry, and other organizational changes. 'Resilience at work' gains more significance in a dynamic IT organization where the workplace, systems, processes and tools are
always undergoing radical changes.

Cyber Resilience

With Abbas Kudrati

Cyber resilience is an evolving perspective that is rapidly gaining recognition. The concept essentially brings the areas of information security, business continuity, and organizational resilience together. The objective of cyber resilience is to maintain the entity's ability to deliver the intended outcome continuously at all times.

Cloud Service Management

With Siddharth Pareek

Traditional Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is becoming more irrelevant in the modern way of delivering service. People and organizations are gradually making the shift to Cloud Service Management (CSM). Cloud Service Management and Operations entails all the activities that an organization does to plan, design, deliver, operate, and control the IT and cloud services that it offers to customers.


With Romnick Acabado

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market. It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

Business Relationship Management

With Beatrice Leistenschneider

Business relationship management is a formal approach to understanding, defining, and supporting inter-business activities related to business networking. The ITIL guidance places customer satisfaction surveys and the management of complaints within Business Relationship Management.

Elevating IT to get a seat at the table

With Sonali Mukherjee

To Elevate IT to get a seat at the decision-making table, the first step is to locate all of the important teams, committees, and boards to ensure IT is contributing to where it’s needed. Gartner has identified four positions IT can establish with the leadership of any business unit or team, namely, Contributor, Consultant, Teammate, and Team member.

Site Reliability Engineering

With Biswajit Mohapatra

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goals are to create scalable and highly reliable software systems. An SRE function will typically be measured on a set of key reliability metrics, namely: system performance, availability, latency, efficiency, monitoring, capacity planning, and emergency response.

ITSM Masterclass Instructors

abbas abbas
Abbas Kudrati

Award-winning CISO
Lead Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft Asia

Abbas Kudrati, a long-time cybersecurity practitioner and CISO, is Microsoft Asia’s Lead Chief Cybersecurity Advisor for the Cybersecurity Solutions Group. He also serves as an executive advisor to Deakin University, LaTrobe University, HITRUST ASIA, EC Council ASEAN, and to several security and technology start-ups.

karen ferris karen ferris
Karen Ferris

Author, Speaker, Coach, and Mentor
Organizational Change Management

Karen is self-professed service management and organizational change management rebel with a cause. Acclaimed internationally as an author and speaker, with industry acknowledgment of her reputation as a Thought Leader, she provides both strategic and practical advice and insights
to her audiences.

pr pr
Prasad Ramakrishnan

Chief Information Officer &
Chief Information Security Officer at Freshworks

Prasad is an innovator in a “Cloud First” ecosystem and has successfully transitioned companies from a traditional IT architecture to a user experience enhanced cloud-only architecture. He has hands-on experience with managing core infrastructure,
Cloud platforms, and SaaS applications.

siddarth siddarth
Siddharth Pareek

Digital Evangelist
DevOps, Agile, Cloud & Digital Transformation

Siddharth is currently vice president (Consulting) and leading a DevOps Center of Excellence practice for a European bank. He is a digital evangelist known for DevOps and cloud transformation primarily for the banking and finance industries. He’s also a renowned enterprise agile and lean coach.

beatrice beatrice
Beatrice Leistenschneider

IM&T Regional Business Partner
APAC Region

As an IT Business Partner at Givaudan, the world's leading Fragrance & Flavors company, Beatrice's role is to build strong & meaningful relationships between IT and key Business stakeholders. Her main objective is to build trust in order to identify opportunities, bring innovation, pro-activity & support value delivery from IT.

mark mark
Mark Smalley

Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Bridge Builder
Lead Editor ITIL 4 High-velocity IT

Mark is a writer, speaker, trainer and bridge-builder. He is Content Architect at Giarte, IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT, and Delivery Partner for GamingWorks' The Phoenix Project and MarsLander business simulations. Mark is a contributor to bodies of knowledge such as DevOps, IT4IT, ITIL, VeriSM and XLA.

romnick acabado romnick acabado
Romnick Acabado

Senior DevOps Leader
APAC Region

Romnick Acabado is a passionate DevOps Leader. He is also active as a DevOps Institute's Global Ambassador and CDF Foundation Ambassador in the Philippines. He supports, engages, and empowers the Humans of DevOps through interactions and collaboration with other ambassadors.

april april
April Allen

Knowledge Management Leader
KCS Training & Certification | Consulting | Recruitment

Aprill Allen is a specialist knowledge management consultant and certified Knowledge Centered ServiceⓇ trainer, helping enterprises and startups provide better customer service at scale. Recognized internationally as Knowledge Bird, she has been a contributing author to industry publications

biswajit shelar 4 biswajit shelar 4
Biswajit Mohapatra

Global Delivery Leader
Cloud Migration @ IBM

Biswajit is Thought Leader in Hybrid Multicloud transformation with excellence in strategy consulting, practice development, technology innovation, delivery management and building inspired teams. Biswajit is CIO of the Year 2019, Turn Around Strategy 2020 and Super Hero CIO 2020 Award winner.

sonali sonali
Sonali Mukherjee

Senior IT Relationship Leader
Businesses | Processes | Procedures

Sonali has over 21+ years of professional services experience with 17+ years with large multinational professional services organization in India. She is a certified Business Relationship Manager from BRMi, PMP & Scrum certified, certified innovation and change management leader from ISB India.

With the Moderator

suresh gp 1 suresh gp 1
Suresh GP

Managing Director, TaUB Solutions | HDI Top 25 Influencers in ITSM | BRM Institute Ambassador | DOI Ambassador | CBRM

Suresh has over 18 Years of IT experience specializing in IT Service Management, IT Governance, Agile, DevOps, and Business Relationship Management. He also does Consulting, Training, Simulations, and Implementation services for DevOps to Fortune 2000 organization. Suresh was also awarded the top 25 thought leaders in service management for 2017 by HDI.