Today’s customer is bound to miss physical experiences. The rapid transition from physical to digital landscapes leaves a lot of questions on the table desired to be answered. 

As we learn and adapt to co-exist with the pandemic, recreating some of the physical magic in the digital space is the biggest need of the hour.  

Solve problems that money, words, or discounts can’t solve - with Customer Experience. 

Join us for a Fireside chat with industry thought leaders who are embracing change. They’ll be sharing plenty of secrets on:

  • Digital transformation in the new normal
  • Weaving into CX as a core for digital transformation

  • How demand for AI, Automation, Apps, and Bots will take precedence in CX 

  • Evolution of CX during and post the pandemic

  • How the CX function needs to evolve as businesses embrace the new normal

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Hoping this will help you greatly during these challenging times. 

Your friends at Freshworks 🤗

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