Learn How Freshworks Solutions can benefit your Business

Schedule a call with our product specialists to learn how Freshworks products can help your business scale greater heights. Our experts will walk you through a workflow that will demonstrate how you can improve your customer experience,  sales process, power your marketing lifecycle end-to-end and connect with your customers on messaging channels that they love. 

You will learn how Freshworks soultions help: 

  • Improve customer experience

  • Identify your most promising leads with AI-based lead scoring

  • Make calls and send emails to your customers right from the CRM

  • Send proactive campaigns to users based on user behavior,  actions and other conditions.

  • Gain more qualified leads and nurture your customer relationships with powerful email marketing

  • Track your deals’ progress and make smart decisions using visual sales pipeline

  • Implement conversational commerce

  • Improve employee experience and more

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