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Ramya Devi

Senior Partner Sales Engineer

Freshworks Inc. 

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Ricky S. Natapradja

Senior Vice President 

PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia

  The world as we know it, has changed. Offline businesses are pushed to moving online, if they wish to cater to a global customer-base. A big part of this digital transformation also depends on the adaptability of technology. Infact, businesses need technology now more than ever.

Customers & clients are looking to buy & transact online. Businesses in Asia, today are looking for new ways to sell more and sustain themselves!

And a medium that is proving to be delightfully effective is Whatsapp! Businesses opting for selling and supporting customers via chat and messaging channels like Whatsapp, have much to gain:

So here's a panel discussion hosted by Freshworks on How to use Whatsapp as an effective sales medium for boosting businesses! Join us at the webinar to learn more about how you can leverage the benefits of messaging channels and software to scale your business!

We will also have an interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar to answer all your queries.

NOTE: We do not offer any e-certificates for attending this webinar.