Introducing the Freshconnect-Slack Integration

More than twelve million people use Slack every day. The tool, self-described as the place ‘where work happens,’ has quickly cemented its position as a modern workday essential. Starting as an internal chat tool, Slack has become the de-facto standard for workplace communication in six short years. Truth be told, we like Slack too! It’s a great product! It’s simplified and unified modern team communication like no other tool before it. But, it’s far from perfect, and we’re not the only ones who think so. 

Slack is continuously accused of contributing to the decline in workplace productivity. As Zac Freeland of Vox puts it – “communication seems like a good thing until you have too much of it.” Indeed, communication is a double-edged sword. While too little of it can quickly create silos and information black-holes, the ‘always-on,’ asynchronous communication enabled by tools such as Slack can also become an added distraction for an already-attention-starved workforce dealing with constant digital intrusions and dynamic workflows. 

But since Slack has become such a mainstay of team communication, even those who don’t like it have to stick around, because that’s where all their teammates and colleagues are. For many users with more complex workflows, this often means shuffling between a tool like Slack that is great for team communication of all types and kinds, and a tool like Freshconnect that has a more unique and direct take on team collaboration. 

During conversations with some of our power users, we figured that most of them have also adopted Slack and Freshconnect as complementary tools that co-exist in their team collaboration ecosystem. We also realized how challenging it was for most of them to manage multiple conversation threads across these two tools. We decided it was time to uncomplicate this mess!

Well, guess what? Lo and behold, the Freshconnect-Slack integration!

Get updates for Freshdesk ticket discussions, right within Slack

With the Freshconnect-Slack integration, Freshdesk and Freshsales agents can stay updated on their ticket and deal discussions in real-time, in a Slack channel of their choice!

Agents will receive notifications for any Freshconnect contextual discussion that they are a part of, whenever a teammate:

  • Tags them in a discussion using @mention
  • Replies to their message using the reply button
  • Tags all the discussion participants using @discussion

How to install the Freshconnect-Slack Integration

Step 1: Go to the SettingsGet Notified in SlackAdd to Slack.

Enabling the Freshconnect-Slack Integration

Step 2: Next, select the Slack channel you’d want to receive the notifications in, and click on Allow. (Note: If this channel doesn’t exist, you will have to first create it, so it appears in the dropdown list.)

Choosing a Slack channel

Step 3: Once successfully integrated, the status would appear as ‘Active.’

That’s all you have to do! With the Freshconnect-Slack integration, you can enjoy the team collaboration benefits of both the tools, without having to constantly keep shuffling between either!

Try the Freshconnect-Slack integration and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below!