How to introduce new collaboration software to your team

When you’re on a quest to find the right collaboration software for your team, you’d expect the hardest part of the journey to be finding a tool with the right requirements, not getting your team to use it (If you’re just starting off on the quest, why don’t you take a look at our visual guide on picking a team collaboration tool?)

But the sad truth is that unless you introduce it intelligently to your team, even the best most collaborative team collaboration tools won’t stick. All that research and requirement gathering will go to waste and you’ll be stuck with an expensive software that no one is using and your communication mechanisms will still be broken so you won’t even be able to crib about it in your shiny new software. Besides the obvious “here is a collaboration software and this is why you should use it” edict, here are some other subtle ideas on how you can get your team to start using the new team collaboration software you have in mind. 

1) Contact social influencers and get them to start using it

There’s always that one person in a group who’s the ‘influencer’ – the person who, subtly or otherwise, dictates the group’s patterns. The apps they use to keep in touch, the places they hang out in, the things they talk about. Where they go, their social group moves.

Find that person and get them to see the value of the new collaboration software. Once you do, it’ll be much easier to get the sheep- the rest of the people onboard.

Screenshot of the Freshconnect Android app showing text messages between two people

2) Play dirty and use your teammates’ sweet spot

This will need some detective skills so get your deer stalker on and figure out what kind of social groups are active on the collaboration software you’re currently using (a fancy way of saying ‘Hangouts’).

For instance, Freshworks Inc. has a group for memes, a group that plays mafia together, a group that carpools together.

Screenshot of Freshconnect, collaboration software

Once you establish these groups on the collaboration software you have in mind, you can be sure that this will eventually trickle down to every day use as well.

3) Use the new collaboration software to make important announcements

Hit people right where it hurts: their FOMO soft spot. If you use the new collaboration tool to make important announcements or communicate updates, people will automatically start using it to make sure they don’t miss out.

Screenshot of Freshconnect, collaboration software

This is even more effective if you can get senior leadership to do it. 

Screenshot of Freshconnect, collaboration software

4) Make casual hangout plans using it

Carpe diem when Friday rolls around and use the new collaboration software to make plans. This way, people will log in to make sure that they have a say in picking out the hangout spot. You can even go the extra mile and use the collaboration software, Monday morning, to share pix.

Screenshot of Freshconnect, collaboration software

5) Be available only over the new platform

I know, I know. I said subtle but hey, subtle can sometimes only get you so far. When all fails, throw the niceties out the window and be available only over the new platform. This way, whenever someone wants to talk to you, they’ll be forced to log into the collaboration software of your choice to reach out to you. Eventually, they’ll realize the advantages of the new software and it’ll catch on.

Warning: This will work only if you’re a frequent collaborator across your team. Else you’ll just be in a tool by yourself, missing out on all the info. 

Every team has its own dynamic and approach to collaboration so if you do follow through with everything on this list and your team still doesn’t use the collaboration software you have in mind, don’t get disheartened. Just give it some time and eventually, you’ll be able to find the right tool to get your team in the groove. Maybe we might even have what you’re looking for. Who knows, stranger things have happened.