Introducing Freshconnect – The Right Way To Collaborate

I am very excited to announce the launch of Freshconnect – contextual collaboration for businesses of all sizes.

But aren’t there enough collaboration tools in the market, you might ask? We thought so too. But we learnt that we were wrong.

So many options, yet…

As Freshworks grew from a small team where people walked to each other to discuss work and collaborate, to a team that works across five different continents and seven different time zones, we have tried using many of these tools to help us get our work done.

But we still could not manage to convey everything that was needed to collaborate well, in one shot. We kept going back and forth, sharing and re-sharing more details as more stakeholders got involved and more information was needed. We were using emails to loop everyone in, hangouts to remind people, Slack and Hipchat to broadcast to whole teams.

Our customer facing teams took the worst hit. For complex customer issues, these teams needed to get the right engineers and product managers in the loop, update the account manager on progress, and follow up with other internal teams. And they had to do this for every customer. They were copy pasting information and links, taking screenshots and switching between different apps to get updates. And yet, sometimes we could not solve the problem for our customers quickly enough – not because solving the problem was hard, but because we were wasting time on getting everyone on the same page.

For a customer driven company like ours, this was just unacceptable.

Collaborating should not be so hard, especially when there seemed to be great tools for this in the market. We tested out different tools, talked to some of our customers and heard similar stories. It then hit us. These tools in the market were great – great for solving the problem of team communication, not to solve the problem of collaborating productively about work. One theme became obvious – when it came to collaborating, the hardest part, no matter what tool was used, was the lack of context.

Introducing Freshconnect

Collaboration happens best when all the stakeholders are always on the same page, understand the urgency of the task, share a sense of purpose and see results – whether it is for resolving a customer issue, writing a blog post, building a feature, or closing a deal.

With this in mind, we have built Freshconnect – a collaboration tool that provides full context to all stakeholders by bringing in all the right information from other tools.

With Freshconnect, you can:

  1. Invite anyone within (or outside) your organisation to a discussion instantly.
  2. Provide immediate context to someone who is invited, and ensure that context is updated in real-time so teams are working with the most recent information always.
  3. Ask for help without having to switch to another app, and get notified right there when someone responds to you.
  4. Track and view your discussions at any time along with the relevant context, instead of losing them in a long thread of other messages.
  5. Reply to individual messages without spawning complicated threads, and highlight specific content to which you want to draw your team’s attention.
  6. Link your Freshdesk and Freshsales accounts on the Freshworks platform and allow seamless collaboration between your support and sales teams.

Stop copy pasting. Start collaborating.

Freshconnect is now available with an active Freshdesk or Freshsales account. Excited to finally have a collaboration tool that provides you with full context? Reach out to us today to get access.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out Freshconnect to all Freshdesk and Freshsales users at no additional cost – agents and sales reps can now add anyone inside (or outside) the organisation to a ticket or deal to get the help they need, and instantly share all the ticket and deal context without leaving their helpdesk or CRM.

Get productive by putting context at the center of your collaboration.