Why Corporate Culture Matters

The curtains are coming down on 2018, and we at Freshworks are taking a few minutes to sit back and re-live the eventful year that it has been.

This year, we crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), raised another round of funding that turned us into a Unicorn, launched our AI-driven customer engagement omnibot, held our first global user conference, disrupted the global SaaS sector with multiple marketing events, and achieved so much more.

Over the year, we also welcomed hundreds of new employees from across the world into the Freshworks family, and partnered with hundreds of businesses worldwide as we prepare to scale our operations to chase our next milestone of hitting $1 billion in ARR.

Irrespective of the kind of achievement—financial or technological—and where it came from—our offices in India or elsewhere—the core element that runs across Freshworks and has helped us achieve all this, is our work culture.

We take pride in the work culture we’ve fostered at Freshworks, and we collectively ensured that we maintained our culture codes when we scaled from a single product company to a provider of multiple customer engagement products. We continue to stand by and uphold that culture especially now when we are heading towards bigger goals of being a global SaaS giant. 

Girish Mathrubootham, our chief executive officer, always believes in putting employees first, believes that a positive work culture is critical to any company’s growth, and that scaling the work culture in a company is as important as developing great products.

Here’s a look at the culture codes that we take pride in, and imbibe into our work every day. 

Freshworks culture Freshworks culture