Deliver Seamless Customer Experience with Freshworks + Slack

Picture this: Amy is home after a long day outdoors but she’s missing a shopping bag. She tweets out to the Chicago Outlet mall, the last place she visited with friends before heading home. The mall customer care team gets an instant alert and Amy’s tweet is automatically logged as a support ticket on Freshdesk, the customer support tool from Freshworks.

The night shift customer support agent opens the Freshdesk ticket, sends a direct message to Amy requesting a description of her lost shopping bag and adds the information to the ticket. Now the agent needs to relay this information to the lost-and-found department of the mall. Using the new Freshdesk app for Slack, the Freshdesk agent shares the ticket information with the lost and found department using Slack messages.

Good News! The lost and found department staff has found the bag and replies to the Freshdesk agent from within Slack. The Slack messages are logged in Freshdesk as private notes and the front line agent can quickly close the loop with Amy. Amy is happy and tweets about her amazing Chicago outlet mall experience and seamless customer service.

Freshdesk by Freshworks is one of the top three apps highlighted by the Slack launch announcement today. Freshworks is the only Slack launch partner in the customer support segment. The new Freshservice Servicebot for Slack, enables faster IT ticket resolution.

As a launch partner, Freshworks is excited to share a special discount offer for new Slack customers. Click here to purchase Slack by May 31, 2020 and get 25% off the first 12 months of eligible purchases of a monthly or annual Slack Standard or Plus plan.

“The Freshworks Slack Shortcuts integration helps agents resolve customer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Customers can now create, review and update Freshdesk and Freshservice tickets from within Slack ” says Tejas Bhandarkar, Head of Product, Freshworks Platform. “The support agents are going to be on Freshdesk. However several non-agents who help resolve tickets are not Freshdesk, but are active on Slack. This integration will help the team members talk to each other and also log the context around a ticket,” Bhandarkar said.

Springer Nature loves the new Freshdesk + Slack integration

“The Freshdesk and Slack integration helps us connect better with each other, with our developers, and with our customers, which is critically important right now,” says Eric Holliday, Head of Data and Systems Management, Springer Nature, which relies on Freshdesk to manage customer inquiries.

Springer Nature is a leading scientific, education, and professional publisher dedicated to advancing discovery by providing quality content through a range of innovative platforms, products and services. For 175 years, the publisher has dedicated itself to the academic community, creating value across the publishing process.

The customer service teams at Springer Nature, use Freshdesk to support inquiries from customers. The company’s teams, spread across the globe, handle nearly 40,000 tickets a month that come in through five support portals, feedback forms, and social media.

“Our customer service agents love the technology’s ease of use. With this integration, they are able to quickly resolve issues, build trust and earn customers for life,” said Holliday. “The new integration makes the connection between our support teams in Freshdesk and their developer teams working in Slack more interactive. Instead of a notification that required leaving Slack we now have the capability to easily share tickets with developers, get other developers involved, and all of the important details from those exchanges are captured in the ticket. All integrations in Slack should be this interactive,” said Holliday.

Go ahead, add the Freshdesk and Freshservice Servicebot app to your Slack workspace today.