Why choose Freshworks + Amazon Connect

Our seamless integration with Amazon Connect enables customers to quickly leverage Connect to pass call details like ticket number, caller ID, and caller history quickly and easily into the workspace without agent intervention or additional lookup. Rather than spending time on tedious redundant lookups, the Freshdesk integration will seamlessly allow agents to focus on servicing customers thereby reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction. Key differentiators include:

Seamless Integration

Freshdesk integrates deeply with Amazon Connect. Callers are routed to the right agents who are armed with contextual information to deliver a winning customer experience.

Real-Time Intelligence

Get real-time insights including details like ticket number, caller ID, and caller history quickly to connect callers with the best agents who can assist them. Agents on the other hand can use these insights to resolve queries quickly and with more contextual information.


Customer support agent can handle multiple query channels with ease, thereby reducing the number of tools required to manage calls.

About Freshworks and Amazon Connect

The Amazon Connect CTI Adapter allows Freshworks customers to quickly integrate Amazon Connect into a clean, simple modal within our customer support platform—Freshdesk. The integration helps deliver a personalized experience to each caller, thereby helping businesses generate better qualified inbound calls, improve conversion rates, boost revenue, reduce churn and enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

About Freshworks and AWS

Freshworks is an AWS APN Advance Technology Partner, highlighting our commitment towards innovation, improving agent productivity and enhancing customer experience.

We work closely with AWS to build powerful and seamless integrations that allow customers to conduct their entire business in the cloud space with higher efficiency. Some of our key tenets are simplicity in design, ease of use, and an innovative approach towards product development.

Geographies served

                                              The integration between Freshdesk by Freshworks and Amazon Connect is currently available in all countries served by Amazon Connect.

Customer support use cases