#Issue 5  | September, 2020


It's that month from that Green Day song 🎵 


Boy oh boy!
September is such an exciting month. A few IPOs, some new tech, and plenty of great pictures for your Facebook are all calling for you!  
Sometime last week, 7 private US companies collectively worth $44B filed to go public. And that doesn't even include China’s Ant Group, a $250B+ fintech giant which is likely to set an IPO record.  Notable startups from the pack, including Asana, Palantir, and Unity will go public via a direct listing.
Time to put your monies to some good use 😉


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18th Sept - Bots Hands On

Hey! This needs your attention 👁‍🗨



As part of our Active Directory migration, all our partners will be receiving an email from our IT team for a Microsoft Login.  This means that the Freshsales instance you're using can be accessed only via Microsoft Active Directory login. The activity will take a couple of weeks to complete and doesn't require you to take any steps.

However, under the rare instance that you do face a problem logging in to your CRM or ZIFT, please reach out to partners@freshworks.com





We are introducing new features pertaining to Accounts Receivable in ZIFT partner portal that enables partners to

  • Update account payment type (Customer/Reseller paid) 
  • Check payment status for pending invoices 
  • Monitoring the age for pending invoices
  • Partner and Admin views for more clarity

What’s Fresh? 🌻


Omnichannel - Freshdesk

Freshdesk Omnichannel Dashboards

With the new Omnichannel Dashboard, customers can monitor their team’s performance across channels in real-time. This innovation helps optimize in a remote WFH model and when volumes spike. With an organization-wide view across channels, admins can allocate agents as needed. 


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K-base Analytics in Freshdesk

Curate and improve knowledge-base over time with enhanced reporting and dashboards. With K-base reporting, admins and agents can gain critical insights about their article and agent performance. It help admins improve KB content with new metrics like number of article "upvotes"/"downvotes", and provides a new say for the audience to provide "suggested articles".


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Custom Objects in Freshdesk Omnichannel (Forest only)

New as part of our Early Access Program, Custom Objects allow you to expand your Freshdesk to accommodate literally any imaginable use case. Custom Objects give you the power to customize your Freshdesk database and capture new data entities unique to your business. 


Get early Access

Freshchat is WCAG Compliant!

Freshchat is now compliant with the Web Content Activities Guidelines (WCAG). We have added Screen Reader, Keyboard Navigation, Visual Focus Indicator, and Colour Contrast to make our Team Inbox Lite more accessible to differently-abled persons.

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Trusted IP in Freshchat

This enterprise feature adds another layer to Freshchat security by limiting and controlling access only to trusted users. This forest-only feature incentivizes customers needing increased security to try the highest plan.

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External Number Conferencing in Freshcaller

With external number conferencing, agents can seamlessly invite or transfer calls to a fellow team member or external service providers to deliver the best expertise and resolve issues faster.  


Live Dashboards in Freshcaller

Enable admins and supervisors with powerful real-time dashboards containing call details classified by call queue or team. Monitor the team's performance with metrics like 'time spent', 'average wait time', and more to make better data-driven decisions.


CRM - Freshsales

Blog - Sales and Service go hand in hand

Freshsales recently introduced its integration with Freshservice. Here's a blog on how Freshsales users can view their customer’s Freshservice tickets or create tickets on behalf of the customer right from the CRM.


Marketing Automation: The Basics

Marketing automation is a technology or software, that can streamline, automate, and measure marketing efforts. This blog encompasses the basics of marketing automation and its types.


ITSM - Freshservice

End-User Requests Managed in Real-Time

No more switching between apps to manage chat requests! That's right. Chat as a support channel is now a part of Freshservice agents' IT service arsenal. Customers who are using Freshservice+Freshchat can quickly address issues, convert requests to tickets from the chat widget within Freshservice, and provide a convenient chat channel for their end-users to engage with IT support.



This Hand-in-Hand Partnership Can Lead to CSAT Uplift

Customer-facing teams in an organization need to keep a pulse on clients even after the sales cycle is over. Our new two-way integration between Freshervice and Freshsales lets their IT agents work together with customer-facing teams to close tickets, keeps customer records updated on both CRM and Service Management solutions, and helps them collectively add more value throughout a customer's journey.



Send Out-of-office (OOO) responses with the new app

Are your customers manually setting up Out-of-office (OOO) responses whenever their client or employee raises a ticket? Well, say no more. The new Out-of-Office App lets them configure the OOO period, automatically reassigns tickets when agents are out-of-office, and helps them turn those cold auto-responses into friendly conversations by crafting a custom response.



New Beta for Business Objects

Do you want to be more engaged in the process of an upcoming feature? Become an internal BETA tester for Business Objects to thoroughly use the feature and share every thought. 

Your feedback will help shape and improve the feature before being launched publicly for prospects and customers.



Freshservice Updates Bot on Google chat

We know how much everyone loved the Freshservice Updates Bot on Google chat. That's why we've reimagined how the bot works and introduced a newer version to Slack that will help you stay informed on all releases from the Freshservice team.



Blog - 5 Tips For Creating a Fantastic Self-Service Portal

Digital-first end-users like to be self-sufficient, and consumerization has resulted in today's customers expecting an array of options. When it comes to IT support, deploying a mere self-service portal does not empower them. We've curated five actionable tips that will help users elevate their portal and deliver an exceptional self-help experience for their end-users.


Blog - 10 Features to Consider When Choosing Your MSP Support Tool

MSPs are tasked with the onerous responsibility of managing the entire IT Infrastructure of multiple clients. Time is money in this business, and choosing a solution that will help them keep the IT environment running smoothly is imperative. Read more to find out what ten features we think they would need to evaluate before making the pick for the right tool.


The Sales Pub 🍻


We figured we could use a cool space where you can find some of the juiciest pieces of content. Empower your sales teams with Battle cards, Competitor Brochures, pitch decks, video tutorials, email templates, and more. 

Freshservice's Updated Messaging and Positioning

We've redefined our product statement and value proposition to effectively communicate the role and value of Freshservice as an enterprise-grade solution to organizations. Our new messaging engages the decision-maker and simplifies our differentiators and key benefits. We've utilized our new baseline messages to align content and messaging across our internal and external collaterals to ensure we consistently communicate the Freshservice brand and its value proposition to our customers and prospects.


Customer Consumables 🥘


Freshcaller for the Public Sector

This deck covers how Freshcaller can help various public sector organizations across the globe adapt to this new normal. 


Freshmarketer - Buyer Persona

The CMO is a critical buyer persona for Freshmarketer. Get detailed insights into what this persona looks for in a marketing automation solution.

CMO Buyer Persona 

Must Watch - Training Videos

Get Trained and Not Drained

We conducted multiple internal training sessions as part of the Rocket Fuel Product Training Series and focused on the latest feature releases and updated Freshservice messaging and positioning in Q3. In case you missed attending any of these sessions, click on the links below to learn more.



Battle Cards

LivePerson vs Freshchat

GTM teams can customize this feature comparison document in LivePerson-compete situations and share it with customers as a PDF.


Sugar CRM

Gain insights into how Freshsales wins against some of its competitors. Use this when you prepare for or while on a customer call. It contains discovery questions, counter pitches, and a list of key customers as well.

Sugar CRM

CA Service Desk

Gain the competitive intelligence required to play your cards right and win deals against CA Service Desk with our internal differentiator battle card.



On the Deck 👨🏼‍🍳

Freshcaller's Outbound Calling Capabilities

Understand all significant Freshcaller capabilities for an outbound call center/customer support use case from this extensive pitch deck.


Freshchat for offline/online Retail customers

Access the Sales Enablement deck on how to pitch and drive offline and online conversational commerce using Freshchat.

Get the deck

Freshservice - Purchase Order Management

Freshservice - Business Use Cases and Personas

Freshservice - Technology Deep Dive

Sharp Shooters 🍾

News and Events 📰🎯

Upcoming Webinars

16th Sept - CX Persona Product Strategy AMA Session

On September 16th, we have the fourth edition of our CX Persona Product Strategy AMA with a panel of Product Managers and Product Marketers from Desk, Chat, Caller, Platform, and Freddy AI. Join us for this optional (but encouraged) 90-minute virtual meet-up. We will also host this on Zoom and Workplace, so the conversation can continue asynchronously around the world.


INDIA/UK/EU/ROW/MENA/ANZ teams: Register here for 3 pm IST, 10:30 am London, 11:30 am Berlin, and 7:30 pm ANZ 


NORTH AMERICA team: Register here for 9.30 am PT (9:30 am San Mateo, 10:30 am Denver) 

17th Sept - An Introduction to Freshworks CRM

Join us as we take you through Freshworks CRM and its editions. In this session, we will cover its key capabilities, buyer personas, target industries, and more. It is a must-attend session for sales folks gearing up for the big launch! 




17th Sept - Right-Sized ITSM: The Buck Stops Here

Attendees get to learn valuable insights from our expert panelists, who will share details into what a right-sized ITSM solution means for IT teams and the essential elements that modern CIOs require to optimize TCO for their organizations.


Presented at 9:00 AM PST


Spread the Word

18th Sept - 3 Ways to Return to Work with Enterprise Service Management in Freshservice

Encourage your prospects/customers to join us for a free webinar as we talk about how companies can leverage their existing ITSM platform to ensure a maximized ROI while implementing ESM as a return to work strategy.

Presented at 10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM AEST | 11:00 AM CEST


24th Sept - Freshworks CRM AMA with the Product Team

We know that you have a lot of questions on Freshworks CRM’s features, pricing, competitor comparisons, and more. Join us for an AMA session with a panel of Product Managers and Product Marketers. You don't want to miss this.





This series of free webinars are geared towards re-imagining the everyday aspects of service management from the viewpoint of industry experts. From managing IT operations to adopting AI in ITSM, our speakers will discuss how IT teams can up the employee experience game by improving multiple facets of service management and delivery in a post-pandemic world.

Get them to register

How to plan for our tomorrow when our today is locked down? Freshworks has some of the answers to everyone’s burning IT-related questions with our ITSM Masterclass. Prospects and customers can join our world-class symposium where industry leaders and technology visionaries #UnboxIT together and explore how digital transformation is reshaping businesses globally.

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