#Issue 8  | December , 2020

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄🎁


2020 is coming to an end, Phew! 

The happiest time of the year is here. Despite all the challenges, we think it's time to celebrate, practice gratefulness, and enjoy the last leg of 2020.

We hope you had a safe and memorable Thanksgiving holiday.

With hope & optimism at our hearts, we are ready for another year of charting the new next!

Here's our December update! 

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Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Freshservice 2020

Looking for that perfect elevator pitch to a CIO? Need proof? We have it all. The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Freshservice on IT Service Management study reveals that customers using Freshservice see a 308% ROI and investment payback in less than three months. Yes, you read that right.

  • Payback in < 3 months
  • $3.41M in total benefits
  • 308% ROI




The Forrester New Wave™: Chatbots for IT Operations, Q4 2020

Forrester has named Freshworks a strong performer among the top emerging IT chatbots and virtual agents. Share this report with your prospects to encourage conversations about how using chatbots and virtual agents in Freshservice can augment their IT service management operations.




Most Promising IT Service Management Solution of 2020

It's time to toot our own horn. We have been awarded by CIOReview as the Most Promising IT Service Management Solutions Provider of 2020. Use this award as a sales tool to encourage prospective client conversations and establish credibility for Freshservice.




What’s Fresh? 🌻


Omnichannel - Freshdesk

Bot builders unified - Phase I

The bot builder has been redesigned from scratch to fill in all the gaps in the bot building experience. We’ve made building bots easier, more intuitive, and seamless to manage - be it a simple linear flow or an advanced multi-flow bot. Coming soon!

Freshchat is now 3x faster and 10x lighter

We have undertaken a series of optimizations to Team Inbox which lets Freshchat load 3 times faster and uses 10 times less memory. This creates a frustration-free engaging experience and lets agents resolve conversations much faster than before.


Freshcaller VoiceBase PCI Redaction app

Voicebase PCI redaction app is now available on the Freshcaller marketplace. This app lets our users scrub off sensitive information (credit card data, social security number, etc.) from call recording

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Freshworks CRM 

Freshworks CRM vs. Freshsales

Prospects and customers who love Freshsales would be delighted to know about Freshworks CRM. See a detailed comparison of both of their capabilities, and tell them all that is new and improved with Freshworks CRM.


Brochure | Detailed feature comparison | Freshsales Pricing (Old)

Freshworks CRM vs. Freshmarketer

Marketers need to go beyond just marketing automation and provide great experiences across the customer journey. Showcase the new and improved capabilities of Freshworks CRM to your prospects or Freshmarketer customers.


Brochure | Detailed feature comparison | Freshmarketer Pricing (Old)

Freshworks CRM Multi-currency Pricing

We received many requests for this, so we have put together multi-currency pricing for Freshworks CRM across different clouds and plans with add-ons. Have a look.


Webinar on Freshworks CRM

Hear the story behind the idea of Freshworks CRM, why we built it, and what’s new. Learn everything about our all-in-one sales and marketing solution with a

20-minute demo

ITSM - Freshservice

Scaling with Custom Objects

Workflows require recalibrations when organizations experience growth and transformation. Customers can now scale their business workflows effortlessly with Custom Objects!


Learn More | Watch Video 

Enrich Forms With Content Fields

Agents can enhance the overall form filling experience in Freshservice by adding static rich content across incident and service catalog forms.


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Import/Export Products into Product Catalog

Customers maintaining a wide range of products and services can now import and export product data in bulk into the Freshservice Product Catalog.


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Email templates for ITSM Gartner MQ and Forrester TEI 2020



The latest product to leverage the Collaboration Platform Service is Freshworks CRM. Through integration with Slack, Freshworks CRM users can now:

Create deals as channels right inside Slack. No more constant switching between tabs

Get real-time updates in Slack to stay on top of a deal

Instantly collaborate with anyone in the organization to close deals faster

Communicate with full context as all conversations are automatically synced

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Platform Updates 📢


In less than three years, our customers have created over 100,000 custom reports on the platform and nearly half a million custom widgets. 


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Custom Objects - Early Access

Customers can now sign-up for Early Access of Custom Objects feature for Freshdesk. While building apps, this feature will enable developers to define business-specific entities and create multiple records under each entity. The  app can then process these records into meaningful information to meet their needs.


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The Sales Pub 🍻


 A cool space where you can find some of the juiciest pieces of content. Empower your sales teams with Battle cards, Competitor Brochures, pitch decks, video tutorials, email templates, and more. 

Customer Consumables 🥘

Battle Cards 🤺

Freshdesk Omnichannel x Happyfox

A comprehensive pitch deck of Freshdesk Omnichannel vs HappyFox highlighting the key differences. 


Freshdesk Omnichannel x HelpScout

A comprehensive pitch deck of Freshdesk Omnichannel vs  HelpScout highlighting the key differences.


Freshdesk Omnichannel x Zoho Desk

A comprehensive pitch deck of Freshdesk Omnichannel vs  Zoho Desk highlighting the key differences.


Freshservice x Spiceworks

Gain the competitive intelligence required to play your cards right and win deals against Spiceworks with our internal differentiator battle card.




Internal Only 🔐

Microsoft Azure Bot Service vs Freddy Self-service

Going against Azure Bot Service? Fret not, this battlecard will give you all the details you will need. Reach out if you have interesting insights that can tighten the battlecard further!


Self Service Battlecards

This document consists of the key talking points against competitors like Intercom, Zendesk & Salesforce in terms of the Freshdesk self-service capabilities


Innovation & Intel 🧠

Freshservice New Pricing Plans 2020

Want a pricing brochure to quickly share with your prospects and customers? We’ve got a sleek-looking brochure that highlights all pricing details (including add-ons) based on every new plan.


Freshcaller Overview for Omnichannel users

Wow your customers with this quick pocket demo on setting up Freshcaller in Freshdesk seamlessly, to deliver an omnichannel experience


Freshdesk Omnichannel Deck

This deck lists all the unique capabilities of Freshdesk Omnichannel. It includes features on the immediate roadmap as well. 





Case Studies 🔍

Delivery Hero

Here's how Delivery Hero supports its fleet of drivers across 70 countries by using Freshchat to handle over 7 million chats per month.


Competitor of the Month 📢

News and Events 📰🎯

Upcoming Webinars

17th Dec - How to sell Freshworks CX

Join us on  December 17th for the seventh edition of our monthly How to sell Freshworks CX #AMA. We will walk you through the latest features, competitive intelligence, the best win stories from the field, and point you to all the new assets you can use to accelerate your sales cycle. Join us for this optional (but encouraged) 60-minute virtual meet-up.


INDIA/ROW/MENA/ANZ teams: Register here for 12:30 pm IST, 06:00 pm AEST

NORTH AMERICA/UK/EU teams: Register here for 8.30 am PT, 08:30 am San Mateo, 09:30 am Denver, 04:30 pm Berlin, 05:30 London

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