#Issue 9  | Q1 - 2021

Here's to a 'Neo' year!⭐
2020 turned out to be a challenging year for all of us. But the silver lining is that many good things did happen. From small acts of kindness to awe-inspiring events like finding a vaccine at record speed, we can all leave the year behind with a glimmer of optimism. 
There’s a lot more planned for 2021, and we are genuinely excited about our journey together. 
Onwards and upwards to a more incredible year.
Here's our Q1 update! 

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What’s Fresh? 🌻


Omnichannel - Freshdesk

Auto-response detector

“I love getting notifications about a customer response, only to find out that it’s an out of office email,” said no agent ever. With the auto-responder detector, agents won’t be bothered with emails that don’t need their attention. Tickets that receive automatic responses won’t be reopened.

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We got Shi(f)t done

Managing a support team is hard work. When that team works round the clock, every aspect of managing the team from day to day operations to ensure good support- becomes harder. 

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Call lifecycle report in Freshcaller

The Call Lifecycle report displays the entire series of events that occurred during a call. This report will help supervisors and admins monitor agents’ productivity and involvement by analyzing all the call events of each call.

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Introducing Deal Management in Freshsuccess

CSMs can now create, view, and track cross-sell and upsell opportunities through every deal stage right from Freshsuccess. With Deal Management, CS teams can track expansion revenue targets, close deals faster, and drive greater revenue efficiency — all from Freshsuccess.


FSM - Independent service tasks

Agents or field technicians can independently create service tasks that are not associated with a parent ticket. This Service task behaves as a ticket but with the added functionality attached to field service use cases like appointment scheduling, customer signature, etc.

Roadmap Deck

Custom & Default roles for Field Service Management

Admins can also create Custom Roles for field technicians with a differentiated set of privileges. Custom Roles help system administrators to control the types of data and entities an FSM user can access and edit beyond the predefined categories in Freshdesk. With the default role, agents get the additional privilege of creating service tasks and managing contacts.

Roadmap Deck

Contact management on Freshcaller mobile app

Create new customer contacts and manage existing contacts from within the Android app. This feature saves time & allows for contextual conversations with existing customers. With the option to save unknown numbers as new contacts or add them to existing logs, customers can pretty much manage their contact logs from within the mobile app. 


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Enhancements in Freshdesk Field Service Management

Agents or field technicians can now independently create Service tasks that are not associated with a parent ticket. This Service task behaves as a ticket but with the added functionality attached to field service use cases like appointment scheduling, customer signature, etc.


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Freshworks CRM 

Conversion Optimization

CRO is now an add-on for Freshworks CRM. Customers can optimize their conversion rate with A/B Testing, Heatmaps, Split Testing, Session Replay, Funnel Analysis, and more.

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Dedicated IP Address

Customers can now improve their email deliverability rates for marketing and transactional emails with a dedicated outbound IP address.


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Industry-specific Use Cases (Internal)

These use cases convey industry-specific user and buyer persona problems and how Freshworks CRM can help solve them.


Education | Logistics

Freshworks CRM vs. Drift

Explain the advantages of choosing Freshworks CRM over Drift with this new collateral. Show how Freshworks CRM is a better choice, and enable prospects to make informed decisions.

Comparison Brief (External) | Battlecard (Internal)

Competitor Training Session

We know you're curious about how Freshworks CRM can be compared with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. Tune in for the recorded session and get an in-depth understanding of how Freshworks CRM is better 

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‘Configure, Price, Quote’ is now available in Freshworks CRM as an add-on. Sales teams can create company-branded documents using a rich built-in template editor and share accurate quotes with customers.


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Timezone-based Delivery

Now customers can email their contacts at the right time with Timezone-based Delivery. Schedule and deliver emails as per the contacts’ timezones and maximize conversions.


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Freshworks CRM Overview Video

Share this video to showcase the key capabilities of Freshworks CRM Customer-for-Life Cloud. It articulates each feature's value and how they help build better customer relationships and drive growth.


ITSM - Freshservice

Import And Export Products Into Product Catalog

Asset Managers maintaining a wide range of products and services can now import or export product data in bulk into the Freshservice Product Catalog.

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Send Emails And Approvals To User Lookup Fields

This enhancement for Lookup Fields on service item forms helps Freshservice customers send an email or approval to users selected in that field.


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Introducing Multi-Select Dropdown For Incident And Service Catalog Forms

Users can select multiple options from the dropdown in incident forms and fetch data sources like users, departments, and locations in service item forms.


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Modern Gantt in New-Gen Project Management [Coming Soon]

Modern Gantt charts are useful for project managers and give them a detailed overview of a project’s tasks, sub-tasks, and their status against a linear timescale.


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New-Gen Project Management [Live]

It’s time we fix this age-old problem. Check out how these Gantt charts help our project managers plan and execute projects better.


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Configure Supervisor Based on Custom Ticket Status [Live]

With Custom statuses, helpdesk admins can create new statuses for tickets and automate tasks based on how long a ticket has been pending in a custom status.


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Enhanced User Experience [Coming Soon]

We will be enhancing our performance with faster load times, encouraging inclusivity with visually accessible colors, and improving readability for high resolution screens (1920px) - all with a scalable, rich, and modern look.


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Closure Rules for Problem Management [Coming Soon]

Freshservice Admins will be able to set up conditions and keep track of key processes and artefacts to make sure they're added before closing/resolving any problem.


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Platform Updates 📢

The Year That Was

We took a moment to reflect upon the year that went by, and prepare for the road ahead, with the spirit of keeping our customers-for-life. Here’s a quick watch.



In the upcoming weeks customers will be able to customize colors in charts based on conditional formatting. They will also be able to add images as widgets and set up interactive widgets as filters for reports. Chart customization is already available for internal accounts so feel free to play around with it and send the team your feedback.

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Marketplace - New Integrations

New Telegram integrations for Freshchat and Freshdesk, built by Swedbyte, are now available. Freshchat integration will be deployed as a custom app and customers will have to fill up a form to get access. Know more here.

Freshdesk integration is available as an SDK app. Here's the link to install.

Foundation Services

Customers can now create custom URLs for the domains they use on the Freshworks server in minutes. The entire process can be completed intuitively through the product UI itself.

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Watch Neo in action

Get up to speed on the components that make up the Neo platform. Watch and learn how the powerhouse platform turbocharges all our products to deliver moments of wow at every touchpoint.



Foundation Services

Neo Admin Center, Freshping and Freshstatus have completely migrated onto the Neo platform's email micro-service for a seamless experience. These products were earlier using a third party email service called Sendgrid.

Must-Read Blogs

Get the lowdown on Freddy AI, Unified Customer Record, Neo Admin Center, Unified Analytics, Foundation Services and more in our end-of-the-year summary blog post.

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2020 would be remembered as 'the year of lockdowns,' but here's looking back at how the Freshworks Marketplace and Developer Platform team powered through to launch cool new features, achieve new milestones, and make it all look like a breeze!

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The Sales Pub 🍻


 A cool space where you can find some of the juiciest pieces of content. Empower your sales teams with Battle cards, Competitor Brochures, pitch decks, video tutorials, email templates, and more. 

Customer Consumables 🥘

Vertical-specific Sales Playbooks 📔







Battle Cards 🤺

Yellow Messenger vs Freddy Self Service [Internal Only]

Going against Yellow Messenger? Fret not; this battle card will give you all the details you will need. Reach out if you have interesting insights that can tighten the battle card further!


Freshservice Sales Plays 💲

Enterprise Play

Help your customers right size their Service Management while adding more depth and maturity. This play targets audiences who come from using a mature service management tool such as ServiceNow, BMC Helix, Cherwell, Ivanti, JIRA.



Rip and Replace Legacy Play

We all know how legacy players can be in the market for decades but fail to keep up with customers’ needs. This sales play will help you position Freshservice as a cloud-native, modern, and right-sized service management solution that will not only be up and running but achieve quick ROI, CSATs and successfully replace legacy players.



ESM Sales Play

Extend service delivery to the lines of business with our Freshservice for ESM sales play. This sales play will help us land & expand in accounts with our non-IT use case as well as expand into current accounts to add new seats for non-IT users.






Innovation & Intel 🧠

Freshmover User Guide

Want to migrate customers' data to Freshdesk but don't know where to start? Here's a detailed guide on using Freshmover, our migration tool. From migration scenarios, the order in which you need to migrate to a detailed walkthrough, we've got it all covered.


Unified Bot Builder

The unified bot builder is coming soon to Freddy Self-service. To help our customers quickly adapt to the changes, we conducted a webinar on December 9. Here is the recording. 

Webinar recording

An agent's guide to getting started with Freshcaller

Want to know what an agent needs to get up to speed with Freshcaller. Here's a short video that sales & pre-sales folks can use to understand the agent functionalities of Freshcaller.


Freshworks CRM Sales and Marketing Cloud Videos

Share these videos with your prospects to showcase the key capabilities of Freshworks CRM Sales and Marketing Cloud. Help the prospect understand different clouds with an explanatory overview of their respective features.

Sales Cloud Overview | Marketing Cloud Overview

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