#Issue 1  | September 2020

Wake up! September is here 🌤

It's been a great summer with all the great work you managed to pull off during H1, 2020. 

And after what seems like a millennium, we finally had some sports action for all the FootballCricket, and F1 fans

Crazier things still continue to keep happening around us but I guess that's going to be the normal now 😉

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P.S. If you're equally bored of the view from your window as I am, try this.


Know Freshworks product and solution offerings better with our Partner Enablement Program. Here's a nifty schedule to keep you in the loop on the schedule and list of things we've planned for you. 

P.S. Do let your channel manager know if this schedule doesn't workout for you, they'll be happy to accomodate you on a parallel track running at a different time. 

Know Freshworks product and solution offerings better with our Partner Enablement Program. Here's a nifty schedule to keep you in the loop on the schedule and list of things we've planned for you. 

P.S. Do let your channel manager know if this schedule doesn't workout for you, they'll be happy to accomodate you on a parallel track running at a different time. 

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Hey! This needs your attention 👁‍🗨


If you're planning to set up a dedicated Freshworks landing page on your site, there a few steps you need to follow. 

  • First, read this document
  • Next, use the following snippet codes according to your region for localization
  • Now, set up the landing page with Freshworks assets you received from your channel manager
  • And Viola! You've set up a Freshworks landing page on your site.

Please reach out to your channel manager if you're facing any issues with this. Good luck! 👍🏻



Active Directory Authentication

crm + ZIFT access 

As part of our Active Directory migration, all our partners will be receiving an email from our IT team for a Microsoft Login.  This means that the Freshsales instance you're using can be accessed only via Microsoft Active Directory login. The activity will take a couple of weeks to complete and doesn't require you to take any steps.

However, under the rare instance that you do face a problem logging in to your CRM or ZIFT, please reach out to srikanth.seshadri@freshworks.comor  john.uribe@freshwork





We are introducing new features pertaining to Accounts Receivable in ZIFT partner portal that enables partners to

  • Update account payment type (Customer/Reseller paid) 
  • Check payment status for pending invoices 
  • Monitoring the age for pending invoices
  • Partner and Admin views for more clarity


What’s Fresh? 🌻

What’s Fresh? 🌻

'Visionary' status on Gartner MQ

Click on image to read report

Forrester TEI Reports ROI of 462% on Omnichannel

Click on image to download study

Freshdesk Omnichannel is now PCI-DSS Compliant!

Click on image to watch video

Reopen Workplaces Safely With Freshservice’s Return-to-Work App

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Omnichannel - Freshdesk

FSM Automations

The all-new automations for our Field Service Management (FSM) add-on simplifies routine service task management and ensures that all information on service tasks and tickets are in-sync and up-to-date. Check out our guide.

Freshdesk Omniroute - Dynamic Queue Prioritization

Customers can now prioritize incoming tickets based on created time, response SLA, or resolution SLA with Dynamic Queue Prioritization in Omniroute™.

Freshchat - Freddy Answer Bot

In Freshchat, you can now limit Freddy Answers to only respond on certain "Topics", so that more standard queries can be handled by bots, and more complex requests that require human intervention can be routed directly to agents.

Freshchat - Intelliassign

Freshchat's routing capability just got better with the latest round-robin assignment. Using Intelliassign, you can now automatically route conversations in a round-robin style or choose to route based on load-balancing.

Freddy Answers in 6 new languages

Freddy can now understand and respond to your customer queries in 6 new global languages other than English. With Freshchat supporting over 30 languages and Freddy supporting 7 languages, provide the most personal conversational customer support.

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Freshcaller - Flat call rate bundles

Freshcaller's first step towards simplifying call costs to encourage better SMB sales conversions is now available for all paid plans. Here is everything you need to know about using these call rates to drive effective sales conversations. 

Learn more

Freshchat - WhatsApp + Bots

Understand how bots can connect with Whatsapp to give customers personalized updates. Check out our One-Pager. 

Freshcaller - Automated Routing

Routing automations empower any business using Freshcaller to use serverless apps and intelligently fine-tune their call routing. Be it identifying VIP customers to provide premier support to deflecting calls based on flight ticket status, support teams can give a new spin to their productivity.

Freshcaller - Freshcaller inside Freshdesk

Understand how a Freshdesk agent can use Freshcaller to handle calls. Check out our Agent's guide

Freshcaller - AI Voice bot demo

Our AI-powered voice bot provides intelligent answers to customer queries. With this exhaustive video guide, you can now explore how effectively the feature can be used.

Freshchat - Line Messenger Integration

You can now integrate LINE Messenger with your Freshchat account and engage your customers on one of the most popular messaging apps. LINE Messenger is used by more than 217 million people, primarily in East and Southeast Asia. 

Learn more

Freshdesk - Geotagging in FSM

As a field technician, navigating efficiently to service locations is a must. But the location data in Apple and Google Maps have inaccuracies for certain regions misdirecting your field technicians. With Geotagging for FSM, field technicians can now drop a pin on their map in the Freshdesk mobile app to save the exact customer location and navigate there efficiently in the future.

Learn more

CRM - Freshsales

Freshsales - OOO detection

Stay informed about prospects or customers who are away from work with Freddy's Out-Of-Office (OOO) detection feature. Use Freddy's suggestions to Reschedule your tasks, appointments, or even your sales activities with a single click.

Freshsales - Mobile Offline Mode

Download and store select records on your mobile app for offline access. You can access and edit these records or create new records/sales activities while offline. Sync them to your CRM when you’re back online. Check out our guide

Freshmarketer - Transactional emails

Automate essential business transaction emails and send them straight to your users' inboxes. This can include order confirmation, account alerts, or any high priority events.

Freshsales integrates with Freshservice

This integration enables Freshsales users to view their customer’s Freshservice tickets and add notes to them. Sales teams can also create tickets on Freshservice on behalf of the customer right from the CRM.

Learn more

Freshsales - New Video Tutorials

We made a bunch of short video tutorials to help you master the tool in no time. You can share these videos with your prospects and customers too. Here are three videos on Freshsales' top features. Tune in!

  Freddy Insights | Sales Sequences | Sales Goals 

Freshchat - Custom flows

Bot conversations can sound detached and generic. With the new custom flows module, build personalized bot conversations to get higher engagement on your questions.

Freshchat - Multilingual custom flows

Freshchat's custom flows can now be localized in 35 global languages. You can create engaging bot flows and translate them in one-click. Remain personal and go global with the power of multilingual chatbots.

Freshcaller - Automated Routing

Route your callers automatically based on dynamic inputs from external systems (CRMs/Helpdesks). Use this to create multiple call flows to handle customer queries and provide an enhanced call experience. Check out our guide.

Blog - Manage Product Catalog within Freshsales

Freshsales recently introduced the products module. Here's a blog that gives you five ways to efficiently manage a product or service catalog for any business with Freshsales.

Read more

Blog - 7 ways to Improve Customer Retention with Automation

Customer retention is critical to gauge how good you are at satisfying existing customers. This blog encompasses seven ways to deploy retention strategies using Freshmarketer.

Read more

ITSM - Freshservice

Freshservice - Virtual Agents in MS teams

Bring self-service into the hands of employees. With Virtual Agents in MS teams (BETA), IT teams can test the feature to deflect non-critical tickets, thereby freeing support staff to address critical issues while combating a high inflow of requests. Schedule a demo to understand this better. Catch up on the announcement here

Freshservice - Track All IT Projects

Agents can now create new projects to drive key IT initiatives and associate all Freshrelease projects right from the tickets, problems, and changes modules. Check out the announcement on our Workplace

Freshservice - Return-to-Work App [E-book]

Are your customers exploring enhanced technology to ensure the safe return of their employees? Our team at Freshservice has built a Return-to-Work (RTW) app that helps customers streamline health check-ups, screening, approvals, and manage personal protective equipments (PPEs) while safely readmitting their workforce back into office spaces.

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Freshservice - Improved Employee onboarding module

With Freshservice's new and improved Employee Onboarding module, businesses can make onboarding a transformative experience for new hires through well-crafted onboarding kits, customized onboarding flow, and streamlined user experience.

Build No-Code Dynamic Forms Using Business Rules

Have you come across businesses that scaled and had trouble maintaining forms? Did their processes cost their IT teams time, money, and resources to make dynamic forms functional? Give a demo of our Business Rules feature, and they're sure to be thrilled to create interactive forms without coding. IT teams can now easily define conditional rules and logic without extensive technical expertise and can control how a form functions at the time of its submission or completion. 

Learn more

Freshservice - Airwatch integration

Ensure enterprise security at every endpoint - including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with our brand new integration with AirWatch app (Workspace One). Agents can now track and view contextual information such as enrollment date, login activity, and last updated time of all devices within Freshservice.

Freshcaller - Automated Routing

Freshservice+Freshcaller customers can now reroute their callers based on dynamic real-time inputs from other tools or systems managed by their organization using Routing Automations. Agents can route high priority calls to the right support teams and even geographically segment incoming calls from across the globe.

[Beta] Manage Critical Alerts and Minimize Downtime With ITOM

As a means to kick start Alert Management, we would like to enable BETA testing for interested customers. Know someone who'd be interested to try out our new version of IT Operations Management (ITOM)? 

Sign up for Beta

The A-Z of Freshservice

We’ve curated an exhaustive collection of key terms and definitions associated with Freshservice, ITIL, and ITSM that functions as a guiding document to newly onboarded customers and provides relevant information about where and how product terminologies are used within Freshservice.

View Product Glossary

The Sales Pub 🍻


We figured we could use a cool space where you can find some of the juiciest pieces of content. Empower your sales teams with Battle cards, Competitor Brochures, pitch decks, video tutorials, email templates, and more. 

Vertical Solutions


Each vertical is backed by it's own collateral like pitch deck, emails, videos, and more. 

E-Commerce Solution

Healthcare Solution

Education & E-Learning Solution

Food Delivery and Catering Solution

Media & Telecommunications Solution

Fintech Solution

Sharp Shooters 🍾

Zendesk Sell
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Freshwins from North America😎

'Wisdom'-tini 🍸

Dietrich Mateschitz discovered a jetlag killing – unappetizing – yet refreshing carbonated drink called the ‘Krating Daeng’ during his business trip to Thailand in 1987.  The energy drink’s name translated to -


He adapted the product to sell all across Europe and -

People hated everything about the drink – the name, logo, ingredients, and taste.

But no matter how bad it tasted -  the beverage was still energy ⚡ in a can. 

He didn’t sell RED BULL as an energy drink but instead as a media and content marketing house disguised as an energy drink company.

The company embodies the emotion of ‘energy’.  And if you guessed where I'm headed with this - there's no sales pitch for energy!

Instead, his company builds content associated with that emotion.  Their content library sells a lifestyle over products. 

So, to sum it up – if you inspire, entertain, and educate your customer with content, they’re going to pick up your product eventually.

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That’s about it for this issue of  In The Loop. Hope it helps you put your own dent in this universe, Today and Tomorrow.

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