Freshworks Solution Partner Program

Take your business to the next level with your sales and technical capabilities!

Earn recurring commissions for the lifetime value of each customer and add revenue-generating growth channels to your business

Why become a Solution Partner

Get onboard the Freshworks Solution Partner Program as a Registered Partner and scale in the ecosystem with the following benefits

Partner at Zero Cost

Becoming a Freshworks Solution Partner comes at no cost at all. Enablement, certification, a demo account, and our support - all for free. Winning customers for life couldn’t be easier.

Increase Revenue Channels

Grow with Freshworks solutions and the robust Marketplace as you earn monthly-paid sales commissions and accelerated commissions on target attainment, implementations, and customizations.

Expand Your TAM

Freshworks multi-product offerings work together seamlessly and help you offer solutions across industries and teams. Increase your total addressable market and be a one-stop source for a customer’s business software needs for sales, marketing, support, IT, and HR.

Leverage Value Migration

Move away from selling clunky tools and stay ahead of the game with Freshworks products that are ready to go, easy to deploy, have rich UI, and offer great value to any kind of business.

Collaborate with a Dedicated
Partner Team

Get support from our partner team that includes not only channel managers but also customer success managers, dedicated product consultants, marketing associates, and support representatives. Grow and thrive in the ecosystem via training and enablement. Our support team provides 24*7 free assistance for partners and customers.

Program Benefits

Our multi-tier Solution Partner Program—split into registered, authorized, and preferred partners—offers various opportunities, rewards, and incentives depending on the tier. As you grow in the partnership, so do the benefits.

Here’s a quick rundown of each tier and what you can expect:



(higher% discount)

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