Make a fresh move


Freshworks, now on Gartner’s ITSM Magic Quadrant, has an engagement platform that includes Freshservice— a fresh IT service desk-along with other robust solutions. By partnering with Freshworks, you can

Amplify revenue generation and tap into a large TAM:

The product is not only enterprise-friendly. This means SMBs and mid-market businesses don’t find it expensive or complex. Which would mean a larger TAM, so you sell and earn more

Expand your customer base:

Freshservice can work as a strong CRM tool too. It can be used for sales, marketing, and even case management. It allows you to penetrate different teams of a company.

Get great support from us:

Irrespective of how long you’ve been partners, you get complete support from Freshworks to sell and grow better. Our support is not selective.

Get better cross-selling and upselling opportunities:

The multi-product strategy, the entire suite of Freshworks products and the level of integrations among these products offer a great opportunity for cross-selling.

Extend these ITSM solutions:

With a Marketplace that has 180+ apps for Freshservice, such as Pagerduty, Device42, Slack, Trello, and others, that can be integrated with the product to extend the ITSM solution you provide.