Another Integration – Now it’s for HubSpot Marketing

Marketing automation allows your marketers to automate and measure marketing campaigns and workflows. On the other hand, your CRM helps your sales team manage your company’s interactions with customers and prospects. Sync these systems so that your marketing team knows what’s going on in sales and your sales team knows the history of marketing activities. If you use HubSpot Marketing, here’s how the integration with Freshsales can benefit your business.

Get it up and running in minutes

Getting started is easy. Flip the toggle to be up and running in minutes. Sync your marketing automation and CRM without your techie’s help.

Power your marketers with data they need

Sync marketing contacts from HubSpot with your Freshsales leads and contacts. Freshsales automatically enriches leads, contacts with their social profiles and other publicly listed information. Auto-enrich your leads in Freshsales, push enriched data back to HubSpot.

Send your leads to CRM where it can be used most effectively

Your two-way sync will auto-update fields in Freshsales and HubSpot. Customize the direction of the sync for each field. This can be handy when you want to

  • Send campaign data from HubSpot to Freshsales and identify campaigns that generate active leads with higher lead scores.
  • Sync your lead owners from Freshsales to HubSpot to send personalized emails on behalf of the lead owner. Break the ice, get your sales agent in touch with their respective leads.

Nurture your premium customers with targeted campaigns

When your sales team closes deals, update the deal value and specify which plan your customer has chosen against their profile in HubSpot. Now you can segment your HubSpot customers and plan targeted campaigns, send discount coupons, etc.

Applicable plans – Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest.
Knowledge base – HubSpot Integration

Keep your Sales and Marketing in sync. Happy selling!