From SalesforceIQ to Freshsales: How CovalentCareers increased revenue by 100%

CovalentCareers, a California startup is eye care’s first online job-matching platform. It needed a small business CRM for its website and Segment integration to streamline customer activity. Its short span with SalesforceIQ wasn’t powerful enough to meet needs, and the search for a better CRM led to Freshsales. Since joining six months ago, it’s increased revenue, and improved productivity of a growing team.

CovalentCareers – A better way to apply for healthcare jobs

Founded in 2014, CovalentCareers was created to bridge the gap between healthcare practices and job seekers, particularly eye care professionals through an online platform. It uses a proprietary matchmaking algorithm to analyze data from employers and prospects for more targeted matches based on location, position, experience, and more.

Daniel Goodrich, Esq.
Head of Candidate Success | Founding Team

Danny (Daniel) shares how CovalentCareers increased revenue by 100% as a result of improved efficiency and productivity since signing up on Freshsales.

The Transition – SalesforceIQ to Freshsales  

CovalentCareers use Segment to collect website events in order to make customer follow-up decisions. For this reason, a sales CRM that offers simple API integration, and works seamlessly with Segment was a key requirement in their selection process.

Our initial choice SalesforceIQ did not offer easy API integration, and came with too many customizations which were bells and whistles for our sales team. We were paying over $300 per month for a tool we weren’t fully utilising, so we started to explore other CRMs. We evaluated Hubspot and Freshsales, and the latter won hands down.

During the move from SalesforceIQ to Freshsales, Danny says he was clearly able to draw differences between the two in intuitiveness, functionality and pricing.

Freshsales’ refreshingly clean UI was an immediate catch, and there was no difficulty with integrations. We can see all activities, and perform multiple actions in one place at an affordable price.

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Four Freshsales features CovalentCareers love

We asked Danny which Freshsales features benefits their team, and we learnt of the compelling ways they’re being used to their advantage.

1. Lead Scoring

CovalentCareers’ website sign-ups are automatically created as new leads through Freshsales for Web integration. Danny affirms that having all users in Freshsales has surely helped the sales team identify active and inactive users with Lead Scoring.

Through Segment integration, we track activities, and use the data to configure Lead Scoring in Freshsales. Based on new knowledge and events, we’re systematically revising score distribution to distinguish sales leads from leads that need nurturing.

2. Phone

From managing phone numbers and calls logs in different ways to using Freshsales’ built-in Phone feature, Danny says they’ve increased daily call volume by 25%.

With Freshsales Phone, we can make calls in one-click, automatically log calls, and view phone analytics without any inconvenience.

3. Email

The sales team improves productivity and saves time with email integration, and templates for regular emails to users.

Fifty percent of emails we send out daily are email templates. We share our templates with other users, and it’s replaced a task of recreating standard messages.

4. Freshsales & Zapier

CovalentCareers use SumoMe for web forms on their blog for inbound lead generation. To pursue these leads in Freshsales, they integrated Freshsales with SumoMe through Zapier.

Capturing our inbound leads in Freshsales enables us to take immediate action on hot leads, and close sales faster with far less hoops to jump through.

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Freshsales – The needle mover for CovalentCareers

Since using Freshsales, CovalentCareers has seen an all-around development in sales practices which attributes to the revenue growth. It gives the team a holistic business approach for continued progress resulting in a 20% reduction in sales cycle length, and 100% increase in revenue.

Danny concludes:

Having all the information in one place – sign-ups, activities, calls, emails, is the real needle mover for sales. This is helping us drive revenue because we’ve got access to customers at our fingertips in Freshsales.