Top 3 reasons why businesses choose Freshsales over Zoho CRM

Increased sales productivity

Zoho CRM lacks crucial features like predictive lead scoring which helps sales teams identify prospects with high intent and cut down the time spent dealing with unqualified leads. Freshsales was built with the modern sales teams in mind and offers a simple yet intuitive UI with powerful filters, multiple email views, straightforward automation, AI-driven selling, and contact scoring — all right out of the box to help boost your team's productivity.

Superior multi-channel customer experience

Zoho CRM has limited telephony and live chat capabilities and as a result, businesses struggle to reach customers on their preferred channels and often switch between multiple tools resulting in loss of data and context. With Freshsales, users can engage with prospects across different channels, including emails, phone, chat, social messengers, and SMS, right from one solution.

Native CPQ functionality

Zoho CRM does not have a native CPQ functionality and requires 3rd-party integration. Freshsales offers native CPQ capabilities that help users to generate custom and error-free quotes, invoices, and any other vital sales documents in minutes. The real-time sync between the documents and deals ensures the product/service details are always up-to-date. Sales reps can auto-calculate pricing, discount, and taxes, share quotes effortlessly, and close deals faster.

Freshsales vs. Zoho CRM benefits

Complicated UI vs. Easy-to-use interface

Set up and navigate Freshsales with ease. Zero training required.

Create custom fields to collect and manage more information for your business.

Choose from hundreds of currencies for localized sales and set up Freshsales to speak your language. Multi-currency feature is available only on the highest plan on Zoho CRM.

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Limited customer context vs. 360° customer view

Get 360° view of leads and contacts on a single screen - a feature that isn't available in Zoho CRM.

Upsell and cross-sell to your customer base with automated sales campaigns.

Engage in contextual selling and develop meaningful customer relationships.

Bring sales and support functionalities together with Freshdesk integration.

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Add-ons vs. In-built essential sales features

Make sales calls using an in-built phone system. No need for 3rd-party integration.

Use built-in features like custom reports, sales sequences, and team inbox which are an additional add-on in Zoho CRM.

Avail 24x5 free phone, chat, and email support across all plans. Zoho CRM charges a 20% licensing fee for 24x5 support and is available only for accounts with more than 10 users.

fsa caller integration fsa caller integration

Customer spotlights

Here's how businesses from around the world have grown using Freshsales

synergy synergy

Synergy Enterprise Solutions, a SaaS company based out of ANZ, used Freshsales to boost its Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by 40%.

tda logo tda logo

Top Digital Agency (TDA), a global SaaS marketplace based out of Croatia, achieved an 88% increase in revenue with Freshsales.

evans evans

Evans, a manufacturing company based out of the US, saw a 23% boost in revenue and a 3x increase in email open rates with Freshsales.

Freshsales vs. Zoho CRM

Freshsales offers better value and has higher user ratings universally.

Highest pricing plan



Trial period

21 days

15 days

NPS score



Payback period

7 months

11 months

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Software Advice

Feature comparison

Freshsales vs Zoho: Contact Management

Manage leads, contacts, accounts and deals
Auto profile enrichment
Sales territory management
Auto lead assignment
Custom sales activities
Contact lifecycle stages

Freshsales vs Zoho: Automation and AI

Workflow automation
Deal insights
Predictive contact scoring
Next best action
Out-of-office detection
Auto-assignment rules
Sales sequences
Code-free web forms
Sales forecasting
Lead generation bot
Calendar event suggestion

Freshsales vs Zoho: Email Management

2-way email sync
Team inbox
Email templates
Send bulk emails
Schedule emails
Sales campaigns
Bulk email metrics

Freshsales vs Zoho: Phone

Built-in phone system
Manual and auto log call
Call record
Buy local numbers
Record voicemails
Call mask, transfer, and forward
Conference call
Answer bot

Freshsales vs Zoho: Predictive Scoring

Score by lead property
Score by website, in-app, and email behavior

Freshsales vs Zoho: Behavior Analytics

Track website visitors
Track web application events

Freshsales vs Zoho: Reporting

Standard reports
Custom reports
Export reports
Export dashboard
Standard and custom dashboard
Schedule reports

Freshsales vs. Zoho: Support

Free email support across all plans
Free chat support across all plans
Free phone support across all plans
Choose a pricing plan that suits your business.

Trusted by 50,000+ customers worldwide

Intergration made easy

Connect Freshsales with all your favorite tools in minutes

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