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Say hello to smooth customer management 

Understand your customers 

Get a complete view of customers, segment them intelligently, and deliver personalized experiences with customer management software like Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales). 

Improve customer relations with AI-powered insights 

Choose from Freddy's data-backed suggestions for the next best action to drive your conversation further to upsell and cross-sell. 

Decipher data with robust analytics 

Freshworks CRM helps sales and marketing teams cut through the noise and analyze data within the CRM to predict revenue and manage team performance using dashboards.

Accelerate your sales and reach out to customer with all the context

Get 360° customer view
Prioritize and upsell to customers
Nurture customers even after the sale
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With Freshworks CRM, you don’t just win a customer. You earn them for life


Turn website visitors into potential  customers 

Capture returning visitors through chatbots and webforms, target them with automated sales sequences, and create better sales experiences that develop into lasting customer relationships.


Nurture better relationships

Continue your relationship with the customer post sale, by segmenting and engaging with them through personalized email journeys. Set up welcome and retargeting email journeys for different segments of customers.


Break marketing and sales silos 

Sales and marketing teams get an end-to-end understanding of the customer by looking at unified contact records and lifecycle stages within Freshworks CRM. Sales and marketing can work together to help the customer scale and grow.

 Get AI-powered insights

Freddy, the AI assistant, learns from your CRM data to deliver insights, predictions, and recommendations tailored to your business that help your customers grow.

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