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Get better at deal management with these 6 top features

Get AI-driven deal insights

Freddy, our AI-assistant, identifies deals that are most likely to convert, provides insights, and suggests the next best action to nurture the deal further.

Visual pipeline view

Get a funnel view of deals in the pipeline, use deal tags to track deals' performance, and spot stagnant deals.

Lost deal analysis

Understand the reason why you're losing deals and tackle the problem effectively with a deal management tool.

Automate sales process

Save time by creating deals automatically and easily move deals up the sales pipeline by dragging and dropping a deal into any stage

Predict revenue

Commit to deals and set best-case estimates to make accurate sales forecasts and predict revenue.

Multiple sales pipelines 

Streamline your deal management process, especially when you have different products and markets, by creating separate pipelines for each.


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