Break marketing and sales silos with the Freshmarketer - Freshsales integration

Take control of your data

Know the status of your synced data with logs, or easily pause/disconnect the Freshsales sync in Freshmarketer. You also have the flexibility to map only specific details of your contacts to Freshsales CRM with Field Mapping. 

Manage your leads’ privacy

Easily exclude email opt-outs from Freshmarketer or Freshsales to uphold your leads’ data privacy. Keep your CRM clutter-free by automatically removing leads’ who do not want to be contacted.


What can you do with Freshmarketer - Freshsales Integration?

Break sales and marketing silos

Send your sales qualified leads back to the lead nurturing phase if they are not ready to convert. Don’t lose out on potential leads that may convert later with Freshmarketer Freshsales integration.

Better targeting with improved personalization

With greater visibility into the messaging that your leads are subjected to, craft emails that are highly personalized and better targeted to individual leads that increase your chances of closing a deal.