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  • For close to 10 years, iDrive used Salesforce to manage business development and liaising activities. Salesforce was expensive per person, and it was complicated
  • Freshsales interface is simple, easy to use, and offers more benefits than Salesforce

  • Email and phone marketing feature within Freshsales helps reach out to leads

  • Able to track progress with prospects across deal stages

  • All teams across iDrive are able to get a transparent, seamless view of all conversations with customer in a single place, thus enabling meaningful, contextual engagements with them 

Founded in 2008, iDrive Logistics provides small parcel supply chain solutions to companies ranging from small, independently owned businesses to large enterprise shippers in medical, hardware, retail, and other sectors. “Our advisory services mostly concern pricing for small parcel carrier contracts. We assist our customers in re-negotiating their carrier contracts, making them as reasonable as possible,” notes Matthew White, the client relations and operations manager at iDrive Logistics.

With 30 employees on board, the company is headquartered in Utah, with a satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, it serves close to 700 customers whose revenue range from five million dollars to USD 40 billion. “Our customers are largely based in the United States, Canada, and the UK. While we have a global presence, a majority of our customers are based in the US,” adds White.

Streamlining With CRM

For close to a decade, iDrive used Salesforce to manage and create visibility into its business development and liaising activities. “While business development was a large component, we also used Salesforce to interface with our contractors and vendors, and track our internal deals, manage accounts, and communicate with teams in other offices, and remotely” recalls White.

“The reason we moved from Salesforce was because it was expensive per person, and it was complicated. Moreover, every time we brought someone in for training, we found it challenging to handle it.”

Matthew White

Client Relations and Operations Manager

iDrive Logistics

Challenges like these led iDrive to look out for a different solution.

“It was a good decision to sign up with Freshsales Classic because we can do all the same things and much more at a lower cost. Freshsales Classic also has a more user-friendly and simple interface, and the hallmark trait of the CRM is that it’s easy to use.”

Matthew White

Client Relations and Operations Manager

iDrive Logistics

How iDrive Uses Freshsales Classic

iDrive typically imports leads into Freshsales Classic. A lead could be any company that ships goods for more than a hundred thousand dollars a year. “Once the leads are in the CRM, we use a combination of email and phone marketing within Freshsales Classic, and once the prospect has shown interest, we move them to the contact stage,” explains White.

Once a contact, the team performs a discovery call to learn more about the company, and how iDrive can deliver value to the customer’s business operations. If there is some traction, it requests for a shipping invoice, to determine whether iDrive’s consulting services would be of benefit to the prospect. Post evaluation, iDrive creates a deal. “With Freshsales Classic, we can merge all contacts into the deal, so that every communication associated with the deal is tracked,” adds White. The various deal stages a prospect follows are; discovery, proposal, negotiation, and contract in-hand. When the deal reaches the last stage, it means iDrive has a signed contract with the customer, and set up a carrier account for that company. Additionally, at this stage, an account is also created within Freshsales Classic, as a result of which the billing and administration team can also begin to liaise with the customer.

“Our contracts typically last three to five years, and in this period, there is constant communication between various teams within iDrive and various touchpoints in the customer’s company. This is because we’re managing their transportation, expenditures, and such. Some times, the transaction value can be as high as USD 100 million a year,” notes White. He indicates that the real value Freshsales Classic delivers in the account and post-signing stage is— when any member of its team, be it an analyst or a billing manager, reaches out to the customer, all communication is recorded and everybody can see what is happening. “It gives great context. This helps us contact the customer with context and ensures we don’t have our wires crossed,” he says.

“Overall, Freshsales Classic acts as an incredibly well oiled hub for all communication between iDrive and its customers.”

Matthew White

Client Relations and Operations Manager

iDrive Logistics

Lastly, to evaluate its business growth, iDrive Logistics uses reports to perform mass data updates, deal analysis, and more to its management. It uses Freshsales API to perform custom data analysis and reporting. “For example, we have custom CSV reports automatically arrive in our inbox every Monday in preparation for our weekly meetings. It’s very useful,” says Alex Jennings, the client experience manager at iDrive Logistics.

Looking Ahead

iDrive has a heavy growth mindset. The parcel industry is becoming increasingly complex. Large and small businesses are realizing the importance of seeking specialized assistance and advisory services on pricing and supply chain aspects. This indicates a massive opportunity for iDrive to expand its business and go aggressive on its sales and marketing efforts. “We need to grow our team to meet this growth, and Freshsales Classic will play an integral part in this journey,” he says, adding that, “We are also a very lean organization. As we add more people across offices, basic communication is just absolutely integral to achieve our growth targets, and Freshsales Classic will play a key role in keeping that communication in place,” explains White.