Business Services 




  • Inability to keep track of customer engagements and outreach
  • Needed to create a better customer experience


  • Helps establish robust communication with current and potenital customers
  • Lead scoring helps identify and go after relevant prospects 
  • Deals pipeline helps track revenue from customers 
  • Bulk emailing saves time 
  • Reports used to analyze monthly sales teams' performance 


Increase in Productivity 


Increase in Customer Reach Out 


Vantage Circle is a cloud-based employee engagement and employee benefits platform. It provides corporate employees with comprehensive employee engagement solutions through various programs such as the Employee Discount program, Rewards & Recognition program, and Employee Health and Wellness program. The 5-year old company counts MNCs such as Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, HCL, and the like as its customers.

Why Vantage Circle Needed a CRM

When it set out on the search for a CRM in 2017, the company had a clear requirement in place; to keep track of its customer behavior and customer experience. “Maintaining our database on spreadsheets and keeping track of potential clients using multiple tools was tiring,” says Anjan Pathak, the co-founder and CTO of Vantage Circle, adding that, “We needed a CRM to analyze customer data so that we can arrive at better customer acquisition and retention strategies.”

The company didn’t look very far. Since it was already using Freshchat on its website, it found a natural CRM extension in Freshsales Classic. “Today, Freshsales Classic plays a vital role in conducting robust interactions with our current and potential customers,” he shares.

How Vantage Circle Uses Freshsales Classic

The company gets its leads from two different sources; through outbound, and through its website. Once the lead gets added in Freshsales Classic, the company actively uses lead scoring to identify which prospects it needs to pursue more actively. “Once they respond to our email/ call, we convert them as a contact. Following that, we take them through the different stages based on our interactions; such as completed demo, and under review, if the decision to onboard with us is pending from their end,” explains Pratyasha Datta, the business development manager at Vantage Circle. It’s only once the prospect launches with Vantage Circle, that they get added into the deals pipeline. “We usually use the pipeline to track the revenue we are getting from our customers,” adds Pratyasha.

Most Used Features

Lead Management: The team at Vantage Circle extensively uses this feature to manage the customer journey from lead to close. The customer is moved to the deal pipeline only once they come on board.

Bulk Emailing: “Prior to using Freshsales Classic, I had to send out individual emails to close to 100 customers every month. With bulk emailing, I simply have to select all leads and email them,” explains Pratyasha.

Reports: Most often, the team uses this feature to measure monthly sales team performance. “We have a target to reach a certain number of leads every month. We use reports to measure our target and achievements and analyze how the teams are performing,” says Pratyasha.

“The overall experience with Freshsales Classic has been good. It helps us keep track of the entire sales process in one single platform. The best part is, when a team uses the CRM, we have clear visibility to who is reaching out to which prospect. And, there is no duplication of leads as well. The CRM brings in transparency, thus ensuring no two salespeople reach out to the same prospect/customer at any time.”

Anjan Pathak

Co-Founder and CTO

Vantage Circle