• Data management

  • Engaging with customers contextually

  • Simple and intuitive user interface 

  • Holistic view of customer and prospect data

  • Event tracking

  • Sales sequences


Increase in Revenue


Agent Outbound Efficiency


Return on Inbound Email Campaigns

Based out of Croatia, Top Digital Agency (TDA) is a global marketplace where organizations can connect with marketing, design, or development agencies from anywhere in the world. They believe companies and digital agencies can work together no matter where they are. And by serving as a platform to bridge the gap, TDA’s goal is to develop and enhance services that improve the lives of small and medium enterprises. 

TDA’s sales team is divided into two functions. One team focuses on finding verified agencies that provide top-class services. The other team focuses on getting projects and companies seeking agencies on board with TDA to look for options. “Our sales process is particularly peculiar because we are a marketplace business and need to equally satisfy both the demand and supply side at every time”, adds Domagoj Hruskar, Senior Consultant at TDA.

Road to Freshworks Sales Cloud

TDA has been one of our oldest customers and has used Sales Cloud almost from the start. Briefly, before Sales Cloud (formerly Freshsales), TDA was using a basic CRM tool that did not have the sophisticated features that they needed. It had very limited integrations with their platforms and tech stack. TDA wanted an all-in-one tool for sales and marketing.

After evaluating CRM vendors such as Salesforce and Bitrix24, TDA chose Sales Cloud for its integrations with not just the Freshworks suite of products, but also with other tools in their sales and marketing stack. Sales Cloud also stood out for being one of the fastest-growing products with regular feature updates and releases.

Another reason TDA liked Sales Cloud was for its intuitive user interface and user experience, which they observed during the trial period.

Using Sales Cloud

When asked what challenges TDA wanted to overcome using Sales Cloud, Domagoj quickly called out data management.

“We managed to organize our data in a relevant and customized way. We have more insights into our customers’ interaction in our product”

Domagoj Hruskar

Senior Consultant


Apart from data management, TDA also uses Sales Cloud to understand their prospects’ journey in their product. The event tracking feature in Sales Cloud gives a holistic view of the prospects’ and customers’ engagement on the website. This information has helped TDA communicate with their customers in the right way.

Sales Cloud also provides insights into the activities of the sales teams. It has been most useful, especially at a time when organizations have adopted working from home

“As the head of sales, I can track my team’s activities and productivity better while working from home. This was one of the challenges that arose during the pandemic.”

Domagoj Hruskar

Senior Consultant


Domagoj also feels that they have achieved the metrics they've seen an increase metrics related to team productivity and sales conversions. 

After using Sales Cloud, TDA expanded to other Freshworks products such as Freshmarketer and Freshchat. They are currently integrating the data between the products and will eventually integrate the CRM with other data points in their business ecosystem.

“Sales Cloud helped us understand how important data is. With a little action from our development team, we were able to gain so much in terms of sales and marketing. We get a lot more insights that are valuable for our outreach”

Domagoj Hruskar

Senior Consultant


TDA’s Top Three

Event tracking - Knowing prospects' activities on the website adds the much-needed context about their interests and expectations. Domagoj says, “We have implemented events in our product, and the events that are tracked in the CRM shows the details of what every lead did in the platform, when they did it, and so on. That also extends to email tracking.” This has helped TDA communicate contextually with their prospects.

Data import - Importing data into Sales Cloud from spreadsheets or any CRM reduces a lot of manual tasks. “Our lead databases were external. So we needed to import a lot of data when we started using the tool, and this feature was quite useful. Although we had some issues initially, the process is very smooth now.”, recalls Domagoj.

Sales sequences - Following up with prospects is the key to getting their attention. But with numerous deals going on, it becomes difficult to follow-up with every prospect. Using sales sequences to automate the outreach can save a lot of time for salespeople. “Sales sequence is easy to use, and definitely gives you a boost in productivity. There are many criteria and preferences to choose from, and it makes our outbound sales much faster.”