The process involved in converting contacts from the time they get to know your business to evaluate your product or service, and purchase is fairly long. Not all your contacts may be ready. Some might require nurturing. Most may need to have multiple interactions with you even though they are ready to buy, just to understand more about your product or service. 

This lead-to-buyer journey can be visualized as a funnel and consists of three primary stages. 

This is called a sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel is the complete process that your company takes a buyer through, right from their entry into your system to the point they either convert or drop out. 

A sales funnel can be visualized precisely the way it sounds: a funnel. Visually, it resembles an upside-down pyramid. Lots of prospects could enter your system, and of course, your salespeople will engage with all of them, but only a few progress to the next stage. There could be more dropouts after this, and the remaining convert to become a buyer.

There are three standard stages in a sales funnel:

Awareness (the top-of-the-funnel):  In this stage, the potential customer is aware of the problem or issue they face and are currently looking for a solution to their problem by evaluating products, tools, and services. 

Consideration (the middle-of-the-funnel): The prospect evaluates different products, tools, and services to address their challenges and engages with the vendors. 

Decision (the bottom-of-the-funnel): The prospect narrows down on a solution for their needs. 

The sales funnel and the buyer’s journey may take different routes, but they overlap when the prospect enters the consideration stage, and is ready to convert. At this stage, the prospect enters the sales funnel of the seller.

sales funnel diagram sales funnel diagram

What is sales funnel software?

Sales funnel software is a platform that helps businesses automate the movement of the prospect through various stages of the buyer’s journey through the help of assets such as landing pages, nurture emails, and more.

A sales funnel software is a tool, or a collection of tools, that helps automate the acquisition process right from when you capture a lead to conversion and beyond. Companies generally use a CRM software for sales funnel management and effectively automating their sales process. 

Different tools can help you with the sales funnel and promise the same thing: win more customers. 

But how can you choose the right one, the one that will work for you? 

The right sales funnel software can surely help you run your business smoothly, but finding the one that fits your business can be tough.

Sales Funnel Software Feature Checklist

Here are four essential features you need to look out for in a sales funnel software:


1. CRM functionalities - Ensure that the sales funnel software comes with CRM capabilities such as lead capture through web forms, scheduling sales sequences, automating chat conversations, visual deal management, CPQ (configure, price, quote).

2. Email marketing functionalities - Look out for a sales funnel software that comes with a robust set of ready-to-use email templates, email automation, and the ability to create and schedule meaningful nurture journeys. 

3. Strong integration suite - The software you choose needs to have a marketplace that offers a wide range of integration applications, so it works with the tools you are already using. 

4. Mobile accessibility - You need to be able to use the sales funnel software wherever you are, so it’s essential to choose one that offers iOS or Android versions of the software. 

Enter Freshsales.

Sales funnel management with Freshsales allows you to capture contacts from various channels, ace email automation, manage deals visually, and simplify inventory management.

Freshsale's Sales Funnel Software

Capture contacts from various channels

Capture contacts from your website as soon as they enter their information through web forms, smart or classic. Simply set up, deploy on your website, and witness contacts getting captured with all their information synced. Freshsales also comes with intelligent chat automation. So, you can nudge prospects in the right direction depending on what they’re looking for. 

fsa admin settings fsa admin settings

Ace lead nurture with email automation

Keep your contacts engaged even after they enter your system. With Freshsales, you get access to high-quality email templates that help you send an email to your prospects regardless of which stage of the funnel they are in. You can also track your prospect’s activity through the CRM and automatically send them the right email at the right time, whether it is a special occasion or whether you want to notify them about special discounts, feature launches, or demos.

Email templates in Freshsales Email templates in Freshsales

Simplify inventory management with CPQ

Create quotes within a few clicks and share them with customers. With Freshsales, you get access to a wide range of templates and get notified whenever your customers open the document and track their changes to the document. You can also maintain all the products your company offers, add images for easy identification, and ensure that the description, SKU (stock-keeping unit), prices, and more stay up-to-date at any given time. 

fsa product list fsa product list

Manage deals visually with Pipeline Management 2.0

Manage all your deals in the pipeline visually with Pipeline Management 2.0 and watch as they move from stage to stage. Get actionable insights on your deals, which ones are likely to close, the ones that have been in the pipeline for too long, and take the right decision. You can even set up multiple pipelines for various functions, and create weighted pipelines to understand the likeliness of deals moving forward from one stage to the next. 


fsa deal pipeline fsa deal pipeline

Seamlessly integrates with your existing ecosystem

The Freshsales marketplace offers a wide range of applications that helps you connect them to the CRM and use them seamlessly. This means you can use existing tools without worrying about buying another solution. The Freshsales marketplace is loaded with various popular apps for email management, chat, reporting, collaboration, and even payments and billing. 

freshsales marketer integration freshsales marketer integration

Manage contacts and stay updated anywhere 

Use the Freshsales anywhere from the convenience of your mobile phone, whether it runs iOS or Android. It offers a powerful mobile application that allows you to set up meetings, book cabs, set reminders, get push notifications, and even capture every little detail with voice notes. And the best part? You can access all your data even while you’re offline, and it’ll all sync the moment you go back online. 

Mobile CRM Mobile CRM

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