Retain more customers by reducing churn.

Identify risks, understand cancellation reasons and take proactive measures to protect revenue and drive retention with Freshsuccess.

  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Predict churn and proactively address customer risks.
  • Secure contract renewals.
  • Track revenue at risk of churn or downgrade.
  • Mitigate risks and win customers back with Success Goals.

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Retain more customers with Freshsuccess

Frictionless customer onboarding

Improve stickiness with personalized customer onboarding to ensure customers realize the value from your product/service

Proactive alerts

Gauge the likelihood of cancellation by tracking key churn indicators like product usage, NPS & support tickets

Customer health indicators

Learn why customers thrive and what makes them renew so that CSMs can act proactively

Playbooks for renewals

Equip your CSMs with standardized workflows and automation via Goals to make renewals consistent

Data driven retention

Group, filter and analyze your accounts to track upcoming renewals, possible cancellations, expansion opportunities and take action

Meetings management (QBRs and more)

Improve customer loyalty, help choose plans and process renewals smoothly by optimizing all touchpoints across the lifecycle

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