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6 reasons to choose Freshdesk Customer Success over Gainsight

 Freshdesk Customer Success offers the right-sized customer success management solution that delivers quick returns and business outcomes — for both your customers and your team.

Better reporting, faster insights

Experience best-in-class analytics—create beautiful charts and graphs, and design informative dashboards using a point-and-click report builder. 

Native data integrations

Connect easily with popular business applications — CRM, NPS, Email, Help desk, and more with our 50+ native data integrations.

Out-of-the-box configuration

Everything you need to get the job done is available right out of the box through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface—meaning professional service aren't required to make changes to your configuration.

Drive meeting productivity

Drive productivity before, during and after meetings with Touchpoints. Manage the entire meeting lifecycle from scheduling to and follow-ups.

Measure expansion revenue

Create, view, and track cross-sell and upsell opportunities through every deal stage right from Freshdesk Customer Success with Deal Management—save money on purchasing additional CRM seats!

Playbooks with metrics tracking

Deliver consistent and proactive customer success with Success Goals that ties playbooks to an outcome metric to measure their efficacy.

Freshdesk Customer Success

Data collection









Deal management

Meetings management (QBRs, etc.)

Multi-dimensional analytics

Playbooks with metrics tracking

Multiple health scores

Account hierarchy

Task management

Team performance

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