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About Peep Laja

Peep Laja is the founder of ConversionXL Institute that educates the world about CRO through actionable courses and content.

In CRO, focus on the process and not the tactics

As marketers, our job doesn’t end at getting people to our website. It’s when the perform a desirable action is when we actually hit our KPIs. If there’s one vehicle that can help us with this, it’s CRO. In this episode, we talk to Peep about:

  • CRO advice for businesses at each stage
  • Trends in CRO
  • Behavioral design
  • Why process matters over tactics in CRO
  • The interdependency between CRO and SEO, and
  • The right skills for a CRO expert

Listener notes

[01.07] -- CRO is about getting more people to take action
[01.50] -- CRO is 80% about user research and 20% about experimentation
[02.00] -- CRO advice for beginners, intermediates, and experts
[05.53] -- The only thing that matters is what your user needs
[06.27] -- The 3 behavioral design principles that matters in CRO
[07.59] -- The interdependency between CRO and SEO
[10.06] -- Top skills for a conversion rate optimization expert
[13.37] -- Sapiens A brief history of humankind
[13.47] -- Lost and Founder
[14.10] -- Conversion XL
[14.55] -- Growth Hacking
[15.20] -- Email Marketing