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About Ty Magnin

Ty Magnin is the Director of Marketing at Appcues where he has onboarded close to 25 million users. In his marketing career, Ty has helped companies scale to $8 million in ARR, increase self-service sales by 10x, and grow a blog audience from 0-100,000 uniques. Ty’s side project Really Good UX won the Product Hunt Silver Kitty Award and was upvoted more than 2,500 times.

Your acquisition efforts are a fail if you don’t get onboarding right

If you’re a marketer, you probably spend a huge amount of your time slaying your acquisition strategy. The usual story goes something like this: You go behind a myriad of channels, spend heaps of dollars, craft the perfect message and call-to-action and wait for your potential buyers to land on your website. Several optimizations, personalizations, and conversations later, the visitor converts into a user. Happy ending? Too early. In a span of one week, around 86% of converted leads drop off and never come back. [12.18] Two words that can prevent this leakage from happening – Great Onboarding.

Let’s look at some non-vanity metrics that can translate your acquisition costs into ROI – Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral. They are all by-products of one single thing – Onboarding. Limited to tooltips, siloed help centers, and transaction mailers, onboarding today has been tossed between customer success, product management, and product marketing. And most often, that one crucial metric that can have the biggest impact of onboarding goes unmeasured and unoptimized.

Tune in to this action-packed episode to learn more about the growth metric that is neither acquisition or retention, the analogy onboarding shares with dating, the right owner for onboarding, and more.

Listener notes

[01.16] -- GTM strategies are shifting from enterprise-grade to consumer-grade approach 
[04.50] -- Onboarding literally affects a business’ bottom line
[05.36] -- The metric that has the most impact on MRR and ARR
[06.07] -- The ideal owner of onboarding 
[07.05] -- Whose court is the onboarding ball in, really?
[07.38] -- Defining an activation moment 
[08.49] -- Getting activation right 
[09.35] -- Onboarding and dating (The stages of customer retention
[12.00] -- The opportunity gap in Onboarding 
[14.09] -- Starting up: Onboarding for early stage companies 
[15.00] -- How Canva gets onboarding right 
[17.27] -- Hooked by Nir Eyal and Data-Driven Marketing 
[20.16] -- Productivity outside of work 
[20.42] -- The written word for marketers