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About Dan Shure

Dan Shure is the founder of Evolving SEO and a Moz associate. He has interviewed close to 100 SEO experts on his Podcast "Experts on The Wire” which has been downloaded more than 250,000 times. Dan’s key SEO belief goes like this – "Do it for SEO, and for something else" thus not bounding SEO to links and rankings.

Bridging the real, digital, and search world

Search Engine Optimization. This relentless universe of researching, creating, curating, interlinking, auditing, analyzing, re-researching, and so on is at the forefront of every business. While the individual avenues of SEO are talked about in depth, there exists a gap in understanding how to look at SEO holistically and tie it with bigger marketing goals.

There are also questions around quality vs quantity and finding a balance between the two – If 10 blog posts and 20 landing pages a month is really THE answer and if a search engine world exists outside of Google. (Yes, we just said that!)

Our tete-a-tete with Dan talks about approaching SEO holistically, the biggest source of views on YouTube, and top 3 insights from interviewing close to 100 SEO experts on his podcast.

Listener notes

[00.50] -- Two monumental changes in SEO in the last 10 years 
[01.35] -- Technical SEO Renaissance
[03.37] -- Why 10 blog posts a week without a marketing reason can hurt your SEO
[04.45] -- SEO tactics without business reasons
[06.18] -- What SEO analysts miss today
[08.56] -- Bringing the real, digital, and search world together
[14.49] -- Optimizing your Linkedin profile
[16.12] -- What your log files can tell you
[17.38] -- SEO trends in 2018
[18.40] -- The biggest source of views on YouTube
[21.18] -- Blind 5 year old
[22.14] -- SEMRushScreaming Frog
[22.23] -- Keywords Everywhere
[24.05] -- Vegetable oil to fuel the car
[25.30] -- Dan on the piano