It’s no longer about selling products or services. Businesses are now geared towards nurturing lasting relationships and creating meaningful experiences - the age of the experience economy.  Across businesses, jobs, and industries, many of us work hard to make that experience beautiful for our customers. Here’s an opportunity for us to share, learn from each other and belong. 

On the Freshworks Community, you can engage with a tightly knit community, gain insights from experts and other businesses that have won customers for life. Join us in our mission and be part of a group of people who make the world a happier place.

Why attend?


Engage with professionals from around the world on best practices. Build connections that count, with peers, leaders, and visionaries in your industry.


Learn from the best and pay it forward. Trade ideas, actionable insights, tips and tricks, and ask questions to help create a great customer experience.


Share lessons, seek answers and meet your peers! The stage is open for discussions, debates, and finding solutions to the most challenging questions.

More stellar speakers coming your way