All videos CX101: 4 Ways in Which AI is Used in CX
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About the speaker

Arun Mani is the Managing Director of Freshworks Europe. Since 2016, Arun has been responsible for driving the growth and managing Freshworks presence across Europe. Before Freshworks, Arun led AppNexus' rapid global growth and was later its Managing Director for the Americas. He has also been in various leadership roles including being a C-level strategy adviser at McKinsey and Accenture. He started his career as an engineer at TCS and moved on to become a product developer at Intel.

Freshworks provides customer engagement software to businesses of all sizes, making it easy for customer support, sales and marketing professionals to communicate more effectively with customers and deliver moments of wow. Freshworks offers a full suite of SaaS (Software as a Service) products that create compelling customer experiences and lets businesses share a 360-degree view of relevant customer information internally.

About the session

AI can help you deliver better customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. In this session, Arun will be talking about four specific ways in which AI is helping companies improve customer experience.