All videos IT204: Employee Experience: Move IT From Cost Unit to a Profit Centre
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About the speakers

Sami Kallio: "My Mission is to help service management to deliver better services for employees." Sami is the CEO of HappySignals, an Employee Experience company. Before founding HappySignals, he had worked for one of the biggest European service design company Palmu as Service Designer and CEO of Palmu Exe. In these roles, he learned that user experience often correlated to real profit.

Pasi Nikkanen: "Passion in making employee experience a strategic metric in service management." Pasi is the CPO of HappySignals and has experience around digital services and working with large global enterprises. 

About the session

When it comes to moving the profit needle, employee experience is never the primary focus of any organization. But, what if there is a conclusive correlation between the two? Listen to this video to understand :