CX2021 Experts Insight : EU Edition

What should you expect?

We talked to some of the top CX professionals in the EU to get their insights on 2021 trends.

Hear from Steven Van Belleghem, International Keynote Speaker & author, Anika Tannebaum, Int. CS Consultant, Business Leader Coach & Speaker, Annika Björk, CX Expert, Consultant, Coach & Speaker, Patrice Laubignat, Founder & CEO, EforBrands, and more!

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1. Messaging is the new telephone

Modern service experience starts from mobile. Customers now prefer to use live-chat & instant-messaging like WhatsApp for interacting with businesses. The accessibility, familiarity and lower wait-times of these modern messaging channels can also improve your CSAT scores.

2. Chatbots as the first line of defense

With rising contact volumes and reduced staff, service leaders use chatbots as the first layer like how IVRS is used on telephone. This reduces the cost per interaction and bridges the gap between growing demand and limited workforce.

3. Give your remote agents superpowers

When hybrid work models are the way forward, it is imperative to bring your remote teams together for efficient operations. Lean on your team for high-value, complex issues by giving them guidance on next best action, 360-degree view of customers, and customer context to collaborate faster.