Phone system for a truly global business

Be a global brand from a single location and ensure your customers receive the same personal touch of a local partner.

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Execute a smooth call handling process

Smart options to enable your team handle customer calls and the queues as swiftly as possible.

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Route To Groups

Route customer calls to the right agents or agent groups for a faster response or resolution.


Custom Greetings

Use this opportunity to customize hold, queue, or wait time music to showcase new products, services, or announcements.


All your incoming calls will be attended by Freshcaller and routed to the right teams.

Wait Queues

Freshcaller will automatically let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with your support team.

Information Extensions

Have automated messages played for every phone number based on specific caller scenarios.

Call Failover

Smart PBX system that forwards calls to designated backup phone numbers in case of unexpected outages so that your callers can reach you at all times.

Call Blocking

Automatically prevent spam calls and disconnect such callers from certain regions trying to contact your business.

Real-Time Phone Provisioning

Choose a phone number that you like and instantly get started - without relying on other teams to get up and running.

Monitor and manage the communication experience

Every customer is unique and should be handled differently by understanding their business needs. Get access to several functionalities in Freshcaller that allows your business to deliver great customer engagement experience.

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Call Metrics

Manage every call by storing call logs, view call lifetime metrics, and keep a tab of all billing related information for every call made or taken.

Call Queue Visibility

View a list of callers who are waiting in queue to speak to an agent. Take corrective actions to ensure that callers are not kept waiting for a long time.

Agent Presence Status

Transfer calls swiftly to other offices, agents, and remote teams based on their availability - thereby reducing call hold times.

Centralized Management

Manage your entire cloud PBX system with a single dashboard. Get deep visibility into call volumes, agent activities, and phone settings across your global locations.

Call From Any Number

Choose any phone number you own and make outbound calls using the phone widget.

Features to boost your call center performance

With a wide range of tools, your teams can now easily manage customer calls and collaborate with internal teams in a more organized manner.

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Contextual Response And Inplace Editing

In addition to viewing caller details, get the ability to take notes and automatically add that to the customer interaction history at the end of the call.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to your handheld devices or other numbers of your choice when you are on the go.

Call Transfer To Teams

Distribute calls to various teams and reduce hold time for the caller - get them to reach specific agents or teams quickly.

Answer In Browser

A fully modern PBX system where you can easily receive and make calls using your web browser without any hassle.

Call Notes

Take detailed notes about every call and the caller’s needs. Freshcaller will append this information to your call history. This offers contextual visibility to other agents.

Desktop Notifications

Automatically get notified when you receive an incoming call even if you are working with another application or have minimized the browser window.

In-Call Actions

Place callers on hold, mute calls, transfer to other agents, view caller details, and keep an eye on the talk time.