Call center software and other available channels

What is a call center software?

Call center software is the product that helps you handle your business phone conversations. Your phone teams can use your preferred call center software to make outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call center metrics, perform workforce management, and load automated scripts for your phone team. Call center agents are your phone team members who use your call center software to engage with customers or prospects.

Phone remains a vital part of business communication channels. However, there are others channels as well such as live chat, emails, social media channels etc. which can be harnessed depending on your business objectives. You will need to choose one or more channels that will help you convert a cold prospect to a customer and continue cementing your relationship with an amazing after sales support.

call center software

Decide your conversation channels

You have to choose the right conversation channel depending on the urgency of the query, complexity of the query, nature of the query, and your target audience usually determine the channel to engage. Never push your customers to converse through channels not suitable for that particular conversation.

You should set up a call center if

a) Your callers need urgent solutions to their needs

For example, someone calling up their travel agency to confirm the departure time needs an urgent resolution to a burning question. These are needs that ought to be fulfilled immediately to put your customer at ease. Phones are the best way to provide instant or urgent gratification

b) Your callers want your help to solve complications

For example, customer facing systems are quite effective in solving simple needs such as booking a room in this case. However, if there are multiple check-in, check-out dates, specific instructions or requests for the hotel management, phone conversations are the best way to convey this information. And no one understands the whims of a human better than another human

You should set up a call center if

a) Your callers have a personal need

For example, someone calling a bank to block their stolen credit card will not want to share their card, bank account details over an email or chat. They want the reassuring voice of your call center personnel to assure them that the credit card has been blocked.

b) Your callers are not ‘tech-savvy’ or belong to a broad demographic group

For example, customer appliances, FMCG sectors cater to a wide range of people who might not be comfortable conversing through some or most of the standard communication channels. In such circumstances, phones become your best partner to take care of all the conversations for your entire target audience


Establish a call center for your business

Call center vs contact center

Choose the right channels for communicating with your customers and then research on the best practices of setting up a call center, knowledge base or a contact center. No matter the size of your business, you will reap benefits by investing in a call center during your initial days to have personal conversations with your customers. If phones are one of the or primary channel of communication for your intended target audience, you will definitely need to setup a call center

What is a call center?

A call center refers to a group of people who are responsible for handling all the telephonic conversations for your business. You can also choose to outsource the team of phone operators required to handle your calls. Call centers, also referred to as phone teams, can manage all contacts obtained through voice conversations and save all the conversations for future reference.

What is a contact center?

A contact center is a hub for all customer conversations across phone, email, chat or social media. The contact center team is usually centrally located and responsible for managing all the contacts that you have acquired through your conversations irrespective of the channel.

What is the difference between a call center and a contact center?

Call center

  • Phones are your primary or secondary medium of business communication with your customers and prospects
  • Contacts are acquired mainly through phone or phone and email
  • Your customer base is broad and very comfortable using phones for conversations compared to social media channels or live chat
  • Freshcaller is a call center software that can help you establish your global business call center from anywhere in the world

Contact center

  • Live chat, social media channels, emails are your main channels with phones being a tertiary medium of communication
  • Contacts are acquired through chat, social media, email, and phones
  • Your customer base is tech savvy and wants to interact with you using your live chat, social media channels etc.
  • Freshdesk with its inbuilt call center and chat capabilities is a contact center software thereby powering your contact center team


Choosing the right call center software for your business

A call center software that fits your needs

Whether your choice is to go for a stand-alone call center software or a contact center software with an integrated call center, it is imperative to choose the right product to enhance your growth. The right products help you scale seamlessly, is light on your finances while fitting in with the vision of your company. For example, if your team works from home, while on vacation or even from a co-working space, you will need a virtual call center software. A virtual call center software helps you to manage your virtual team by providing options for your call center supervisors to continuously monitor your calls real-time. Features like call monitoring, call barging, and a real-time dashboard showcasing the live snapshot of conversations of your call center goes a long way in aiding your managers and supervisors in keeping an eye on your agents.

On-premise versus cloud-hosted call center software

Depending on the nature of your work-force and the type of control over the hardware of your phone system, you can go for one of the two types - on-premise or cloud-hosted call center software.

What are on-premise phone systems?

On-premise phone systems are those where businesses are forced to install phone hardware or software in their local premises. On-premise phone systems typically refer to age-old landline phone systems with local routing servers installed in your office. The control over the phone system comes at the cost of having to purchase and maintain legacy hardware and software. Businesses have to balance the benefits against the locking of capital in purchasing these instances. On-premise phone systems also create issues in scaling your organization in multiple locations as well as increase risk of a single-point of failure.

What is a cloud-hosted call center software?

Cloud-hosted call center software removes the need for businesses to purchase and maintain local phone related servers and other related hardware/software. Since your call center is cloud-hosted, you can scale seamlessly in multiple locations without a single point of failure for your call logs and recordings. You typically pay per user with access to your virtual cloud-hosted call center software.


To be called a cloud software, it is important to have the following characteristics

  • No need for any hardware to utilize that software
  • No need for installations to operate
  • Ability to add or reduce usage anytime

The call center software that satisfies the above conditions can be termed as a cloud call center software. You can also look for some extra capabilities such as

  • Any attack on any local system of your office should not affect your data
  • There should be no single point of failure on the cloud
  • Your data is always available for you anywhere, anyplace, and anytime

Comparing on-premise with cloud-hosted call center software

On-premise call center software

  • On-premise call center software
  • Installation on premises is costly to set up
  • Local installation takes time to set up
  • Local installation leads to increased probability of local failure
  • Maintenance is costly
  • Scaling on-premise systems over multiple locations is difficult
  • Hardware/Software becomes outdated easily

Cloud-hosted call center software

  • Cloud-hosted call center software
  • No setup cost as solution is cloud-hosted
  • You can launch your call center in minutes
  • Cloud solutions reduce chances of local failure
  • Zero maintenance as there is no hardware requirement
  • Scaling cloud-hosted call center software is only a matter of clicks
  • You are always using the latest technology


An overview of inbound and outbound call center software

The right call center software for your needs

Every call center software is built for a specific purpose and only if that purpose fits your business agenda, will your purchase be fruitful. Now, depending on the nature of your conversations with your customers, you will have to decide whether to sign up for an inbound call center software or an outbound one.

What is an inbound call center software?

If your incoming versus outgoing call minutes is in the ratio of 70:30 or above, you will need an incoming or inbound heavy call center software. Incoming/Inbound call center software need to have extensive routing capabilities to handle all incoming call scenarios so as to help businesses experience success with their phone team. Most SaaS, B2B organizations, e-commerce portals run inbound call centers.

What is an outbound call center software?

You are running an outbound call center when more than 70% of your calls are initiated by your call center team. This is usually the case in Banking, Financial, and Insurance sectors, where the number of prospects easily outnumber the number of call center agents available for initiating conversations. Your phone team requires a call center software capable of calling a large number of customers in a short period of time.


Freshcaller, the best call center software for your business

Power your business call center using Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a call center software using which you can purchase local and toll-free phone numbers in 50+ countries. Traditionally businesses have always been worried about the technical know-how required to implement these solutions. Not anymore - with Freshcaller, you can set up your business call center in two minutes. You can start with the $0 plan while being able to add unlimited team members and you can upgrade whenever based on the complexity of the phone system you need and your team size.

You do not have to invest in training sessions since the software is simple and easy to use. There are zero maintenance charges as there is no hardware involved in your call center solution. Freshcaller being a cloud-based call center software ensures that you do not have to download any software to start phone communication. It also means that your data will never be lost owing to local failures or natural disasters occurring at your office location. Rest assured, there will be no single point of failure for your call data.

Key capabilities

Multi-level IVR

Allow your callers to self-service their way to the right team or person who can solve their needs with customizable greetings

More about Multi Level IVR 

Smart Escalations

Proactively configure your call routing to ensure that zero calls are missed owing to unavailability of your team

Business hour based routing

Help your supervisor manage a geographically distributed phone team by setting up time-based routing rules

More about Business hours 

Call Masking

Mask your outgoing caller ID to ensure that your business appears local while running a truly global team

More about Call Masking 

Call Monitoring & Barging

Supervise all your phone calls real-time with our live dashboard and barge if necessary to increase your First Call Resolution percentage

More about Monitoring and Barging 

Call Recording

Enable call recordings to keep track of customer conversations as well as to analyze your communication effectiveness

Freshcaller, the best call center software for your business