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 To find a phone system that integrates well with helpdesk and CRM systems

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About Curacubby 

Curacubby is a SaaS platform that helps schools and children's service providers save time and money by optimizing back-office functions and enabling e-payments for their consumers. They bridge the gap between quality childcare and mobile commerce, and lets preschools focus on what they do best – taking care of children.

Freshcaller is mainly used by the support team of Curacubby to respond to customer questions and support requests. They are also heavily reliant on phone for interactions with their prospects and customers. Steven, CEO, Curacubby says they looked at providers such as Dialpad and Ringcentral — they were looking for a phone system that integrated well with ‘sales and support systems’. In Freshcaller and Freshdesk, Curacubby found the perfect phone system - helpdesk combination. 

How Curacubby improved their NPS score

Steven says they really love how smoothly the data flows between Freshdesk and Freshcaller — every time a call comes into Freshcaller they can create a ticket in Freshdesk. 

With the Freshcaller and Freshdesk integration, the respective calls and support tickets are linked. As an advantage, queries that are not resolved immediately can be easily picked up at a later time. It has also enabled them to follow up with the customers via email even after the call has ended to ensure the query has been resolved. 

When a customer calls their support line, a Freshdesk ticket is automatically created, allowing their team to more easily track support requests via phone. Steven says when they receive a ticket in Freshdesk from a Freshcaller inbound call, they can use Freshcaller to return the customer’s call. 

Steven loves the fact that he can not only use Freshdesk to see and respond to calls, but also see the tickets created from each call in Freshcaller. He says they are able to better track a customer’s issues or questions even if they use multiple channels to communicate such as chat, email and phone. As a result of this enhanced workflow — their NPS saw an improvement of 26%.

“We saw an improvement of 26% on our NPS score due to the fact that our customers are able to reach us on a consistent basis with Freshcaller integrated into our sales process.”

Steven Khuong



Data driven decisions with Freshcaller analytics 

With Freshcaller analytics and live dashboard, Steven says their managers have greater insight into the performance of their support agents and it gives them visibility on whether their agents are meeting their set KPIs. 

The reporting module happens to be his favorite feature as he is able to view the call trends over a period of time (day, week or month), he can also keep track of the number of missed or abandoned calls — giving insights on what and how things need to improve. Steven says he also likely having the flexibility to transfer calls to his mobile phone as it gives him the freedom to be away from the desk and still take calls. 

Steven says overall, Freshcaller has helped Curacubby improve customer satisfaction as their team is now able to return customer calls in a timely manner.