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Senior Software Engineer

  • Spring boot
  • Elastic search
  • Redis
  • MySql
  • EmberJs

What is FreshURL?

An All-in-one link management platform for new age digital marketers.



A digital marketer runs marketing campaigns across multiple channels like social media, SMS, email, etc. Getting insights from various marketing channels is a super tedious process. They have to switch among channels to find out how their audience is performing in each one of those. What if there is a single platform to track your marketing campaigns across all your channels? And figure out which channel performs better and worth investing in?



FreshURL is an All-in-one Link management platform that helps digital marketers, sales and customer support teams to shorten links, add retargeting pixels and support omnichannel dashboard with real-time insights on how your links are performing. With our superior chrome extension support, Shorten your link as you type.


Key Features

  • Omni Channel Campaigns:  With FreshURL, Shorten links and run campaigns across all your marketing channels and get real-time insights on which channels perform better and know when & where to invest your time & money.

  • Chrome Extension:  Shorten links right from your browser. Switching to our Interactive Mode lets you convert the links that you type in any medium (docs, blogs, email, social media) into a short link, instantly.

  • Boost Conversions with real-time insights:  Opinions don’t matter. Data does. Know which of your links are popular. Where your audience is from? How did they find you? Which device do they use? Which marketing channels work best for you? And many more. All of these insights are obtained easily with our Smart Reporting tool.

  • Increase CTR with Retargeting Pixels:  Shorten your links with retargeting pixels from ad services like facebook, Adwords, twitter, linkedIn, Quora and many more. Perfect when driving traffic to sites where you cannot place pixels. Increase your CTR and conversions easily by re-engaging with your audience.

  • More features:  API token, Links Tagging, UTM Builder, QR code, Social sharing, Password protected links, Set Link Expiration, Create short links for Document uploads, Get Email Notifications.