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What is Send Later?

Agents can keep customers apprised on the status of a ticket by scheduling replies to provide updates as and when needed. Agents can also set private reminders to follow up on the ticket along with tagging relevant stakeholders as CC and BCC.



When an agent working on a customer issue outside of normal business hours wants to update the customer on the status of the ticket, the agent would want to provide the update at a time that is within the normal business hour window of the customer. To help the agent do so, the product must have the feature of scheduling a reply at a set time. At present, this feature is not present in the product.

Another feature that is needed by agents is to add private reminders of the ticket status. Although this provision is available in the product, there is no leeway to add CC and BCC to the reminders. Therefore, we have also addressed this need by creating an app that allows the agents to tag CC and BCC contacts to private reminders scheduled to update customers on the status of a ticket.



This app has been designed to allow agents to schedule a reply to customers and to set private reminders to update customers in a timely fashion. Additionally, agents can set a reminder before the scheduled reply goes out to the customer, so that it can be revised or removed with regard to the current ticket status.


Key Features

  • Shift creation and assignment:  FreshShyft’s core concept is to allow administrators to easily create, assign and manage shifts and the employees in those shifts. FreshShyft allows admins to create shifts of varying start and end dates, different repeat scenarios and assign individual agents or groups to them.

  • Simplified View:  FreshShyft provides a neat weekly view both in the perspective of employees and in the perspective of shifts. This helps to find gaps, find days where additional resources might be needed, find over/under assignment, get insights on planning efficiency and much more.

  • Timeoff:  Keeping track of employee availability is critical in planning. FreshShyft provides a simple interface for employees to apply timeoffs. FreshShyft also allows administrators to create leave policies that apply to the organisation (like 10 days sick leave per year) and also allows to approve/decline applied timeoffs.
  • Mpre features:  Separate employee and admin views, Admins can apply timeoffs on behalf of employees, APIs for integration, Email Notifications.