Freshdesk Integration: Bring Sales and Support together

Exciting news for Freshsales users who use Freshdesk! You can view and respond to support tickets, add ticket notes, and track ticket status right within Freshsales by integrating your Freshdesk account (for free!).

How to integrate?

Read our step-by-step guide on how to integrate.

Freshsales-Freshdesk integration is available in all plans.

Five ways you can win

  1. Get a 360-degree view of your customer, and gain complete visibility of customer interactions from purchase to support.
  2. Experience the capability to view/add/reply tickets, and sync records as updates are seamlessly synced across both platforms.
  3. Improve customer support through meaningful conversations.
  4. Increase sales through upsell and cross-sell opportunities from proactive support.
  5. Empower yourself with a holistic approach to sales.

Boost customer satisfaction

Customer support and satisfaction is a key business metric. With the Freshsales-Freshdesk integration, you can access support tickets in real-time from Freshsales. You can also share adequate information about your customer to the assigned agent for a happy conversation.

See how Stacey, the support agent is informed of the customer’s need

You get a 360-degree view of your customer where you learn their progressing needs even beyond the first sale. Additionally, you can identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities through customers looking for upgrades or enhancements. Customer retention is vital for business growth, and it begins with delivering not just good, but excellent customer support.

Keep your business records updated

A 2-way sync ensures entities (leads and contacts) are automatically updated in both places. You can choose the type of entities to be synced along with the direction of sync, or turn off sync.

Everyone has a different way of doing things, especially cross-teams. Entries in Freshdesk may differ from Freshsales, and vice versa. For example, your support agent may record job title for a contact as “Sales agent” in Freshdesk, and the same contact in Freshsales could be listed as “Sales manager”. During sync, existing info are not overwritten. Instead, only blank fields are updated accordingly.  Like, if a phone number exists in Freshdesk and not Freshsales, the relevant phone field is auto-populated, and sales agents don’t have to chase down phone numbers.

Customers want you to know who they are, and what they’re looking for. The more you know about your customers, the better you connect with them. By aggregating the scattered information through sync, you can deliver better sales and support.

Add new leads from Freshdesk

Sometimes people may contact your support team for help. They’re potentially new leads because they’ve shown interest in your business. This is a chance for sales that shouldn’t be missed. When a new person raises a support ticket in Freshdesk, the individual’s information can be imported in Freshsales as a new lead, an example of how support can pave the way for potential sales. Refer to our how to sync tutorial for details.

Opening the lines of communication across your teams can bridge the gap in transfer of essential customer information, and work to the advantage of your company. Achieving this through a CRM can seem farfetched, but with the right tools you can reap the benefits, hassle-free and cost-free without the bridge falling down.

Now, who’s built such a bridge? Freshsales.

Comment below and let us know how this integration has helped you, and how we can make it better.

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Happy Selling!