6 Data Sync & Migration Apps to Integrate with Freshsales

The Freshsales Marketplace is your one-stop solution to all the powerful integrations you need to enhance your Freshsales experience and drive your business forward. In the previous marketplace spotlight blog post, we talked about apps for Payments, Accounts, and Billing. This time, we dive into the Data Sync & Migration apps in the Freshsales Marketplace. 

Why do I need Data Sync & Migration integration?

You may handle various software and applications to manage emails and campaign lists, contacts, and web tracking to run your business. But if your CRM and other applications aren’t connected, you have to look at multiple databases and sources to access customer records, adding to the complexity of juggling multiple tools. 

For example, say a customer subscribed to your MailChimp newsletter, they are added to the MailChimp list for future newsletters. Any data saved in this list will not be available on your CRM, meaning you have disjointed customer data. You have to shuffle through these apps to get a full view of your customers. Here is where data sync and migrations apps can help. 

Integrating your marketing and tracking tools with Freshsales provides a holistic, 360-degree view of all your contacts and their activities on a single page. You can be up-to-date with changes made right from Freshsales. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the more popular apps on the Data Sync & Migration category

1) Sync marketing leads with MailChimp

Automatically sync all members in your Mailchimp list with leads or contacts in Freshsales. You can also choose the Freshsales fields that have to be mapped to the MailChimp fields.  You can select the MailChimp list and the Freshsales entities to be synced and fix the direction of sync (1-way or 2-way). You can also choose whether new members in MailChimp should be created in Freshsales. 

Now, you don’t have to switch back and forth applications to get the data you are looking for. You can consolidate all your contacts seamlessly within Freshsales. 

MailChimp integration with Freshsales

2) Sync contacts with HubSpot

Sync all your contacts in HubSpot automatically with the two-way integration between Freshsales and HubSpot. You can select the list of contacts to sync and define the direction of sync, as well. You can also map Freshsales to HubSpot fields and skip mapping of fields that don’t have to be synced. HubSpot also gives you reports on the sync details and failed records. 

HubSpot integration with Freshsales

3)  Establish real-time sync with Autopilot 

PieSync for Autopilot lets you set up a 2-way sync between Freshsales and Autopilot. You can eliminate the tedious process of import and export using CSV files and prevent duplicates in your database. Autopilot syncs new subscribers into Freshsales as leads or contacts. The 2-way sync also allows you to remote control Autopilot by setting up custom fields that control the marketing journey. 

4) Access events tracked with Segment libraries

Tracking website activities is one of the most common ways to gain insight into how people search for your business. You can also learn how effective your efforts are at driving traffic to your website. You can view all tracked events from your web and mobile apps right from within Freshsales with the segment integration. 

You can get a full view of all your customer activities across your web and mobile apps. You can view all actions in the activity timeline on the corresponding lead’s/contact’s detail page. You can also create or update leads/contacts and capture page views. 

5) Sync your contact list from Google Contacts and Outlook Contacts

The Google Contacts and Outlook Contacts integrations help you to keep your Freshsales database updated by syncing your contacts from Google Contacts/Outlook for Office 365. You can choose to sync contact folders or groups as leads or contacts. This integration is a 1-way sync from Google Contacts/Outlook Contacts to Freshsales, and the sync happens once every 30 minutes. 

Office 365 integration with Freshsales

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Cover illustration by Roshan George Richard.