Increase Sales Productivity: Integrate PandaDoc with Freshsales

Everyone wants to be more productive. There’s no question about it; there are thousands of apps designed to keep you on task, patented programs of study, and countless articles on “productivity hacks” supporting that very claim.

But chasing productivity-nirvana comes at a cost.

With so many tools at our fingertips that promise to hold the key to sales productivity, users end up losing productivity when they choose a sales tool that doesn’t suit their needs. The user then has to begin their search all over again, phase out the integration of the tool, encourage their team to adopt a new tool, and cross their fingers that sales productivity is right around the corner.

“While there is no silver bullet for success in sales, there are tried and tested sales strategies so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.” – Freshsales

When you integrate PandaDoc with Freshsales, you can manage your sales proposals directly from your CRM, automate sales activities, facilitate internal collaboration without the hassle of organizing team meetings, track every stage of your sales cycle, and enable your clients to sign documents electronically.

In other words, you’ll increase productivity big time.

The Right Sales Tools for Your Team

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PandaDoc is a feature-rich document management and eSignature software that will radically impact sales enablement for your team. Save time and resources when creating docs without leaving your Freshsales account. Data stored in Freshsales automatically populate any PandaDoc template, drastically cutting the amount of time you spend on document creation. Using the editor, you can add signature fields, pricing table blocks, videos, and more. You can also get real-time notifications whenever your recipient is active in your doc. Getting your sales reps to align on proposal and contract creation can be difficult. Your marketing team and sales managers will probably need to weigh in, too. By integrating Freshsales and PandaDoc, your sales team can manage and collaborate with their team members and other departments working on proposals from within Freshsales. All of the PandaDoc collaboration features, like automated approval workflows, locking content for legal, and commenting features, are accessible from within the Freshsales CRM. Whether you need to send a thirty-page proposal or a single-page quote – the fully collaborative creation PandaDoc workflow in Freshsales will save your team hours and help them reach their sales goals in record time.

Automatically Eliminate Pain Points

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Freshsales makes it possible to automate a range of manual tasks with intelligent workflows. Essential tasks like prospecting, following up with leads, and creating and sending invoices can all be streamlined with “IF-THEN” rules. When you integrate Freshsales with PandaDoc, you’ll improve your sales process and automated workflows even more.

Whenever a client is ready to receive a proposal or contract, draft it in PandaDoc and then easily connect it with Freshsales. Once a document has been received, follow-up emails can be sent according to the behavior of the recipient.

Track Every Step of the Sales Cycle

Freshsales is a comprehensive sales and marketing CRM, allowing you to track all stages of the sales cycle. PandaDoc builds on this core functionality by displaying the progress of your proposals on a dashboard. You know what this means! No more hounding your clients with annoying phone calls. Instead, monitor the status of your proposals closely and know exactly when potential customers receive, open, read, and approve your docs. Manage proposal-related tasks in just a few clicks. For further insight into your sales performance, check out PandaDoc analytics and Freshsales reports for valuable data on everything from conversion rates to lead generation. 

Digital Clients = Digital Solutions

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Hand-signing is a thing of the past.  Bring your docs into the digital age by enabling signers to type, upload or draw eSignatures. Make it easy for your recipients to quickly sign cloud-based docs from their desktop, mobile device, or even in-person without going anywhere near a pen. With this level of flexibility, you’ll promptly receive signatures from even the busiest of business executives. Send your docs using encrypted links and keep your data safe with 256-bit SSL security. The software is legally-binding, ESIGN, and UETA compliant with the option to password-protect PDFs. It only takes a couple of clicks to add eSignature fields to your docs in Freshsales. Talk about some major productivity gains. 

Integrate PandaDoc’s doc generation and eSignature software to your Freshsales CRM to effortlessly manage your documents, increase sales productivity, slash data entry and administrative tasks, and grow your bottom line.