Introducing QuickBooks integration: Track customer sales history from QuickBooks in Freshsales

QuickBooks has been the dominant accounting software for small and mid-size businesses. Business owners prefer their accounting software to be in sync with the CRM for managing their customer payments. Freshsales now integrates with your Quickbooks account so you can view invoices, payments and outstanding balances from Quickbooks in Freshsales.

With the Freshsales and Quickbooks integration you can,

View customer invoices in Freshsales

When your sales agent opens his lead or contact he can view all open and paid invoices under the new Quickbooks widget. Get the following details of each invoice without leaving Freshsales:

  • Invoice number, invoice date, status, total and balance
  • Payments made against each invoice.
    Tip: Hover over the link to view Payment date and amount.
  • Click on the Invoice number to view in Quickbooks.

Pin invoices for easy access

Click the pin to bookmark important invoices against each lead or contact for your quick reference. When you are waiting for a payment against an overdue invoice, you can pin it to your lead in Freshsales so you can quickly access it with the Pinned Invoice filter.

Get notified in Freshsales when your customer pays in Quickbooks

When your customer makes a payment for an invoice, the owner of the contact in Freshsales is notified by a clickable in-app notification with the invoice number and the corresponding contact name. You can set your payment alerts under your Quickbooks settings.

Get Quickbooks receivable summary for your accounts, deals, leads and contacts

When you view a sales account, Freshsales gives you a summary of total amount paid by all contacts of that account. You can also get the total outstanding balances in Quickbooks for each account or deal in Freshsales. Click the Paid and Unpaid Invoice filters to dig deep into each invoice under the respective filters.

Search your Quickbooks invoice without leaving Freshsales

You can search for a Quickbooks invoice in Freshsales and pin it to the lead. You can also list all invoices of a particular month. Once you enter the start and end date, click Apply to see the filtered results.

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The integration is available for all paid plans.

Having all data synchronized under one interface improves productivity and reduces errors. Integrate your Quickbooks account now with Freshsales and provide better outcomes for your businesses and customers.

Happy Selling!